New Re-arm pads

Now that we have a lot of objectives that can happen at our current rearm pads, with 8-10 different side missions that can spawn within a stone’s throw of the main base, the AO at AA hill, the AO at salt flats, side missions near salt flats, I think it would be cool if we activated the two other airfields on the map by adding simple H/R, P/R, and VT/R pads to them.

Abdera Airstrip

Therisa Airstrip

It wouldn’t be a big deal if there was an objective at these airstrips, and it gives us options in the event of emergent situations.

Another option is mobile RRR. There are people who love to run the services vehicles and set up alternate operating bases.

Ooh, maybe a “Logistics” role on the login screen that gives you the ability to spawn an FOB every 10 minutes or something which has a stationary rearm/refuel/repair ability , spawns a helipad, and maybe spawns an ammo crate every 5 minutes that you can drive via hemmt to the AO to rearm the ground troops?

This doesn’t solve the issue for jets but it certainly does for tanks and helicopters and could help solve the problem with ammo abuse

I like that even better… build a fob self-assigned mini missions…

I second this!! I can remember a weekend evening a few months ago where the server was almost completely full and everyone was hitting the main AO’s hard and getting side missions done. Evac’s and vehicle transports were being flown by 4 or 5 pilots and CAP didn’t give those Shikira’s a fighting chance. It was just a hard-hitting night where it seemed like everything was going great. I credit a good portion of that to a FOB that was set up at one of the inactive airfields (I can’t remember which one it was, but I do remember it was to the West of the main airfield) and I really feel like it made everything extremely effective by keeping the machine running and it also made it more enjoyable. Not every flight was 10 minutes of getting entire batteries of AA coming at you, wondering if you’ll see your family again all because that damn scientist needed to be interrogated again, or even though you destroyed 36 artillery units, the enemy just seems to keep finding more. Point being I like the idea of being able to spawn FOB’s, maybe have the enemy randomly attempt to over run them and we have to fight them off to keep it, otherwise it’ll need to be re-established.

Extra Re-arm pads added , please check and provide feedback.