New Tanoa server

We have been working on implementing a new Tanoa mission based on Quicksilver Apex. We have made quite a few changes to support all NAK approved mods, and features such as Urban rappelling (no mod needed), and improved sling loading and towing.
Arma_3_VileAce_[NAK_Cmd]_ESteamsteamappscommo-09302019_435b-thumbnail Cropped.jpg
The server is still in testing but is available to hop on and try. It should be going live this weekend October 5th, 2019, at the latest.
We the server goes live the IP and port may change.

Server name: [NAK]NAKSQUAD.NET | NAK#3 | Quicksilver APEX | Tanoa
Map: Tanoa
Requires Arma Apex

This server has elements that are very different from our normal Invade and Annex server, so I very much recommend that you take a few minutes, open the map and read the information on the left-hand side.

Slightly edited comments from Wave
Last few days I have been playing with a few other players (and admins) on this server, and in general, it has been a great blast. New missions, new features and it definitely feels like a fresh breath of air. … A GPS jammer that blocks the map until destroyed, A radio that has dynamic channels (Main AO, secondary AO) and allows players to subscribe to said channels, restrictions on the amount of (planes) a pilot can (loose before they have to wait for server restart for more planes), ROBOCOP to allow players to anonymously report TK’s, and the FOB system allowing transport pilots to fly cargo whilst the soldiers are fighting in the AO.

The atmosphere of the server is centered around footwork and cooperative play though. Partially due to the map, partially due to the heavy limitations on Air capacity. With the removal of halo jump the pace is slowed down, and there is a real punishment for dying, and running lone wolf becomes quite the risk with sniper infested forests. However do not fear, even if you are not able to play with your buddies, you can recruit some AI and command a convoy towards the AO. However, the player experience does massively increase from 5-6 players upwards.

With role-based playstyles, a medic becomes extremely valued, and probably the only role that was filled to its max quite a few times. This combined with the actual punishment on dying, players tend to stick more together, even if we still see from time to time the “solo tendencies” from Altis.

Had a chance to do squad play Saturday. Think there were six of us. We traveled together - stayed together and supported one another. Even with a squad, actions were intense, but I did get a sense of slowly accomplishing the goals. One of the best experiences I’ve had. Went on briefly again on Sunday. Play seemed much more scattered and more like the other servers. There seemed to be some cooperation, but nothing as tightly knit as on Saturday - definitely not as much fun! I’ve also become interested in transport flying again due to the fact its actually needed here. Been getting in some flight practice there. Hope the whole thing doesn’t get too messy when it goes official. I’m like’n it so far!