New voice server

Would it be possible to get a Darktide and War of Rights channel in Teamspeak like the Ground Branch or Six Days in Fallujah ones?


Those 3 channels are operated by Nak Command members

No not at this time.
Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to admin the servers, unless we opened our own up

We might consider this in the future (Adding Teamspeak or Discord channels for other games like these)


That works, thanks guys!

There’s always the Free chat rooms.

As a premium offering, Patreons of the top tier can have their own channels made and named however they like (along with who’s allowed to join/speak if you desire). See the SnyOps channel as an example that I pay for. (the name may change but it’ll be there somewhere…)

Perfect for a group of friends looking for a place to host some off-night co-ops or whatever your heart desires.