Newest Escape

Newest escape from the not so safe, taller box, featuring the escape artists Who Dis New Phone and EMBRACEtheSUCCC ( not seen in the picture).

It very much disappoints me when you guys break the server rules and then post a forum notice about it.

First Offense: Based on severity, up to a permanent ban.
Cheating, in this case, is defined as doing anything that gives you an unfair advantage, including but not limited to, hacking, injecting, aimbots or trigger bots, intentional desync, unapproved mods or taking advantage of exploits or bugs

You absolutely know what the wall is for, it is not your job to try and find exploits, so based on the definition of rule #18 you are taking advantage of exploits or bugs.

I would hate to have to ban you both.

Sorry for the misunderstanding,
I didn’t mean to “expose” this exploit, as i didn’t see it as one. [Redacted]
I didn’t see this as cheating or using an exploit, but now I do.
I’ll inform any player if they intend to do what I did, that it is rule breaking.

Richard Weiss

Trying to leave the box at all is breaking the rules. Your statements below and continuing the discuss an exploit in the public forum after the warning leave me no choice but to place a ban on you. The ban is for 1 hour and will expire 06/09/2020 10:40 PM ET.