Night on Tanoa

I was scanning the chat logs and I saw that someone asked about more night time on Tanoa. The time of day is 100% random at the server restart. It picks a random day, hour, and minute, with all values available.

These are our current settings:
_year = selectRandom [2019,2020,2021,2022,2023,2024,2025,2026,2027,2028,2029,2030,2031,2032,2033,2034,2035,2036,2037,2038,2039,2040];
_month = selectRandom [4,5,6,7]; //Limit months or therma googles become so dark that they are not usable - User requested change
_day = ceil (random 28); //no worry about leap years
_hour = round (random 23);
_minute = round (random 60);

The server also has time acceleration enabled. The settings are below, but what it means is:

At night, time is accelerated 15 hours for 1 real-life hour
At midday, (roughly 11-3 in game time), time is accelerated 2 hours for every 1 real-life hour
At dusk, (roughly 4pm - 7pm in game time), time is 1 hour for every 1 real-life hour
At dawn, (roughly 5am -8am in game time) time is 30 minutes for every 1 real-life hour
Any time that does not fit into a calculated time is 1 hour for every 1 real-life hour

_QS_timeAccelerationManager = TRUE;
_QS_solarHorizons = _QS_date call (missionNamespace getVariable ‘BIS_fnc_sunriseSunsetTime’);
_QS_sunrise = _QS_solarHorizons # 0;
_QS_sunset = _QS_solarHorizons # 1;
_QS_solarNoon = (_QS_sunrise + _QS_sunset) / 2;
_QS_timeAcceleration_inProgress = 0;
_QS_darkAccelerated = TRUE;
_QS_lightAccelerated = TRUE;
_QS_dawnDuskTimeDeccelerated = TRUE;
_QS_darkAccelerationFactor = 15;
_QS_noonAccelerationFactor = 2;
_QS_dawnDuskDeccelerationFactor = 0.5;
_QS_timeAccelerationControl = 1;
_QS_action_names = worldName;
_QS_currentTimeMultiplier = timeMultiplier;
_QS_timeAccelerationManager_delay = 15;
_QS_timeAccelerationManager_checkDelay = _timeNow + _QS_timeAccelerationManager_delay;
_QS_module_time_duskAcc = 0.5;
_QS_module_time_dawnOffset = 0.5;
if (_QS_worldName isEqualTo ‘Tanoa’) then {
_QS_module_time_duskAcc = 1;
_QS_module_time_dawnOffset = 0.1;

What settings would you prefer? On Altis, we select randomly one of the following hours as the start time when the server starts, with no time acceleration - 3,5,10,12,16,18. The Altis setup gives you a 2/3 chance of some night during the 6 hour restart window. The Tanoa server restarts less often, so the Altis settings would not be perfect for Tanoa, but are listed here as a guideline.

I like the current configuration, the way that the time acceleration is set up is very good, I never feel stuck in the darkness. I don’t know how I feel about more frequent nights but I hope that they are not longer

I also agree with joaol. The current time configuration in my opinion should stay the same. I already run into the night sometimes on the Tanoa server and I do not feel it needs to be more frequent.

I myself enjoy night ops but i could see how some wouldn’t agree. I vote for lowering the dark acceleration factor. :sunglasses:

I come onto the server commonly at approximately the same time frame on most days I play. The time doesn’t seem random to me at all. It’s always early AM - basically dark, or almost dark. It’s that interim time when night vision is too washed out, and it’s too dark to see much without it. Much of the time, without thermals, play would be impossible. I notice this because I have some age-related blindness (yeah, people commonly think I’m too old to be doing this) and this is a time period when it’s very difficult for me to play (it’s more difficult for everyone - but you should try it when you’re half blind!). It;s a treat for me to log on at a different time and actually get to play in Sunshine - well - what little Sunshine Tanoa generally allows. Bosco19

I’ll look into making the same adjustment to Tanoa that we did on Altis. I just need to do some test to make sure that the best month is the same for both servers.