Not really feedback, more of a request.

Can we get a squad like the pilots do in the server? like where you select your squad and role (like AT or Repair) and can we get repair/rearm at a few gas stations like on lythium? Ty in advance, i know map editing isn’t the easiest.

I’m sorry, but I’m not 100% sure what you are asking for?

See photo, only for tankers instead of pilots lol. That way you don’t have 3 inf in a squad with one rollin around in a tank lol.

Why can’t you just make your own group?

I do not have a problem with creating a group for tanks, but we do not want to make it a permissions based group where it checks to make sure you are in that group before letting you get in an armored vehicle. That would slow down the server.

We are considering other options for servers that are more ground based and less Air asset based, and this is something that I will consider for that server as well.