Oh Canada

I thought I would make a stand alone post about this mod, I’ve asked in various ways about it, no answers. I tried to put it through the approval process again, no answers. I started asking a week or so after is was approved on Dec. 20 last year, and no answers yet.

I don’t like to/mean to be annoying, I didn’t want to bother any of the administration members I know, I would just like to have this mod available on Altis, please and thank you in advance for considering…it’s Canadian gear man! C’mon :slight_smile:

Hello ReLicNS,
Sorry for the delays in our plans but sadly we are really busy lately between NAK stuff and real life.
I will process this mod today and should be able to use it on the next Altis restart.
Please do not worry about posting again after a while if we do not respond or forgot Something.

Thanks a lot Volcano, I really appreciate it!