On the subject on Ground Vehicles Crews

Would it be considered if on the server we had a few AI for Squad Leads to utilized for vehicle crews? For instance, AI to driver slot allows for single player operation of a vehicle. I believe that this would give players more drive, pun intended, for more ground vics in the AO and Helicopter pilots will be extremely busy picking up and dropping vics all day. What do yall think?

I think this would be a good addition to the shop. $100 for an AI driver sounds like a good deal.

We have stated in a previous post that “auto driving” (being able to drive from any position) will be added as a feature in a future release. The exact method of implementation has not been decided, but it will be something similar to the feature in standard Wastelands. It will not be done as AI character to give orders to.

Now I feel the urge to role in armor as a squad! I’m not saying to exclude Driver and Commanders from ever entering a tank/apc, but those who want to do solo play can enjoy moving and shooting! Great to hear this was already addressed and plans are forthcoming to improve gameplay! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: