OP Mobile Arsenal

sycholic 2/11/2019 11:04
sadly think we need to get a timer on rearming vehicles or using the mobile arsenals.

Federation 2/12/2019 9:15
syscholic why?

sycholic 1:46
oh I dunno because 1) containers arent infinite in supply either timer delay or limited supply… 2) hearing mortars nonstop for 4+ hours was enough reason to suggest it. right now someone can just sector scan then wipe out the whole ao almost making it pointless for infantry to even go there. 3) 350+ kills in under 4 hours think explains enough, which was about 4x more then any person actually ground pounding. only cas was close in score and that was only due to vehicle destruction points not infantry kills.

Hi there, before I get into the long winded response below, I want to briefly summarize my position: I believe that mobile arsenals, ammo HEMMETs, etc shouldn’t be nerfed.

As for the events of yesterday, and at the risk of sounding out of place, I’d like to say that I think that basically everyone in Teamspeak that night who wasn’t directly involved with the mortar team is dismissive of how much work we all did. This most certainly wasn’t one lone wolf continuously dropping blind shells that prevented infantry from getting engagements, but a well coordinated team of experienced players each working to accomplish a goal. Unlike normal CAS, however, everyone’s efforts manifested into one persons kill count. My individualized role was a spotter, as I was UAV operator. I was using my drones to mark positions on the map that artillery would hit. However, our team had a pilot who was transporting the AMMO HEMMET and the UGV Stomper in between AOs and Incidents, we also had integrated Rotary support, integrated CAS, a spotter/security man, and then the person manning the mortars. In the entire night of us “spamming” shells, I don’t know of a single team kill, and we worked to be accommodating of other players. On numerous occasions, we ceased fire due to infantry moving around. We provided danger-close fire missions in support of said infantry, and overall we worked to keep everyone informed via map markers (although some of these were made in group chat to avoid spamming the map).

Your suggestion as it stands wouldn’t have changed anything. We would have merely just flown back to base with our pilot and grabbed another set of mortar tubes (which at 24 rounds a pop, with the average vehicle is easily able to store many of these tubes, would make this trip a rarity). However, I personally believe that we should remove sector scan as it CAN be abused in conjunction with the mortars, so we agree there, I just think that limiting the arsenal is a bad path to go down for the server.

I have never been a fan of artillery on a public multiplayer server. To be honest the missions are not designed for artillery. Right now you can park the artillery in an area with very little risk of being attacked. We (NAK Command) have been talking about adding FOB’s to the mission that can be captured and that would have to be defended, one idea would be to restrict artillery from the FOB’s so that they would have to defend themselves. We will watch the use of artillery and with your comments in mind make any changes that need to be made.

This would be amazing. Even player made FOBs that periodically spawn enemies would be dope, and I’d love to either have long range artillery or give players the versatility to move the FOB (if they’re not player based) and use mortars. Like, I’m totally psyched at this idea.

The idea of FOB’s is awesome. Maybe even take it all a step further :wink:

Don’t have ALL assets like we have now by default, but let some be unlockable with FOBs… so example say we don’t have a a blackfish, and/or a nephron, and maybe no angara either by default, but when a missions spawns (example at one of the 3 smaller airfields, if mission success, it would turn in to an FOB, and then with that FOB spawn these mentioned assets. It would be a nice touch as in rewards etc…

I can provide examples, but since its against rules to post other server’s here i will gladly share that info with NAK staff ONLY if wanted.


I am all for the FOB idea and think this would be a great addition to the server and I also like the asset ability with a FOB being in place. It would also give a refreshing break with the current rotation of main ao and side mission. Also maybe implement, different missions within the AO such as a search and rescue, etc… Either way, I would highly recommend a FOB type of mission or give the engineer’s the ability to create FOB’s with Hesco, and make bunkers, command post, armory’s and such, that way there would be much more to do within the server itself.