Operation: Forest Clearing

With the successful completion of all objectives during Operation Rude Awakening, CSAT across Altis is scrambling to regain a foothold with their now scattered forces. The radio installation the 173rd ABCT secured has been vital to our intelligence network and we have pieced together communications, along with the data recovered from the CSAT deployment and Flight records database, that strongly suggest a gathering CSAT force near the town of Abdera. More specifically, it appears that CSAT have managed to gain complete control of the civilian airfield north of the town as well as a civilian compound near the location. These locations are designated OBJ Bravo, and Alpha respectively. The order has come down from USSOCOM to redeploy the 173rd, and re-task them to this operation given their experience from Rude Awakening and the unit’s success with said engagement.

Deployment: The Airborne Rangers will be once again inserting using a V-44 VTOL Transport aircraft to deliver the element to the AO, where they will perform a High Altitude, Low Opening (HALO) jump onto the marked dropzone at gridref 075210. They will once again be receiving Airborne Infantry Squad Vehicles with full infantry resupply capability (Prowlers with Arsenals). Expect this mission to take place tonight at approximately 22:00 hours CST, however should mission postponement occur, please standby for information as command will designate a new mission timeline.

Objectives: Take OBJ Alpha using any means necessary. Take the airfield at OBJ Bravo and secure any intel. Avoid damaging infrastructure or hostile technology there.

Intelligence: CSAT is operating at less than full force on the island due to our sustained aggression on Altis. There are still however considerable assets at their disposal, albeit likely less than their full force. Expect Hostile Armor, Aircraft, and Especially Mortars. VIPER Units are still heavily present throughout the island, operating from mobile squad campsites that are impossible to track. Expect special forces QRF as well as conventional infantry and supporting vehicles. Be advised, CSAT is getting desperate and may resort to using unconventional tactics or weapons such as IEDs or local PMCs.

Finally, we secured some High-Res images of your dropsite and AO and have a plan for maneuvers prepared based on geological data and hostile force intelligence if your unit chooses to use it. Remember, you are Rangers in your home environment, operating in forests and hills. Should the order for abort or other factors cause a mission failure, fall back into the wilderness and break contact. Good luck.