Operation Hot Potatoe


  1. Intel reports a downed helicopter in Northern Afghanistan at an unknown location at 06:00. 3 occupants have been
    recovered, Pilot,Security Officer and an Intel Representative for the Russian Armed forces. The NRO (national Recon Office)
    is tracking the movements of the recovered POW’s and a mission is being formulated to recover the Intel Rep from Russia.
    The Russian Intel Officer is an Intelligence asset for the ONI (Office of naval intelligence)since the early 90s. He
    was en route to deliver information to a Taliban official. Reports confirm that Tajikistan rebels have purchased the transfer of
    the Russian Intel officer. They plan to transport him to Tajikistan in order to use him as a bargaining chip
    for a civil war being planned. We have reports a officer inside Tajikistan has discovered the identity of the Russian Officer and

is planning on using him as a bargaining chip. Tajikistan rebels have been building up their forces and plan to blitz the
capital, reveal the identity of the officer and inject the US into a quick peace deal with the US, Russia and Tajik Rebels.
The Russians are unaware of the officers identity and don’t believe the US is aware of their POW status in the region.

This is a clandestine operation
-Units will be equipped with standard Taliban military equipment and civilian clothing.
-three groups will operate in the theater, 2 ground units and 1 recon drone group.
-Recon group will observe the location of the Intel officer in Oreocastro while ground units are advancing.
-ground units can capture small camps en route and gain enemy radio Intel.

Operators in theater.

  • Russians are sending in 3 groups of Chechen Fighters to recover the agents.
  • the Tajikistan rebels are sending 2 groups to reinforce the groups in Oreocastro. 1 group is to extract him.
  • Taliban camps pocket the valley region. They are neutral to both Russian and tajik.

    Tens of thousands of Tajikistan’s citizens, and many armed UTO fighters, chose to flee across the border
    into Afghanistan, where there was also a civil war.
    Pro-government forces were bolstered by the presence of
    Russian border guards and the Russian 201st Division that remained in Tajikistan after the collapse of
    the U.S.S.R. in late 1991.
    The United Nations Mission of Observers in Tajikistan (UNMOT) was a peacekeeping mission established by
    the United Nations Security Council in December 1994 and extended on several occasions until its mandate expired
    in May 2000.Its purpose was to monitor peace agreements during and after the Tajikistan Civil War.

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