Operation silent strike

With ongoing tensions rising in the Tembeian region, between Tembeian forces and Rebel factions in the Area, UN forces where dispatched to help enforce an uneasy peace in the recent months.

In the past few weeks, attacks against UN forces have increased and a foreign dignitary has been killed along with other high profile officials of the Tembeian Government.

Being concerned with a possible destabilizing situation in the region, The US Government has authorized the deployment of Delta force teams with the task of preventing a total Tembeian government collapse and possible all out conflict on the island.

Mission one: meetings take forever.

with their presence unknown to both the Tembeian government and rebels, The teams have been tasked with keeping an
Eye on a meeting between Russian Dignitary Segei Vollkastok and Tembeian officials as the threat to the meeting is high.

(Will need a co zeus)

(Mission day and time: Friday the 16th.
7 eastern/6 central pm time.)