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[NAK] NAKSQUAD.NET | NAK#1 | Invade & Annex | Altis

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NAK Invade and Annex is a cooperative Arma mission where NATO forces complete primary and side missions against CSAT and FIA forces. The Main mission may have one or more sub task in order to complete the mission, where side mission normally have a single task. To complete the missions NATO forces have a virtual arsenal available to equip the soldiers, and many vehicles to choose from. For more information about the mission, open the map (m – default) and click TASKS from the list on the upper left hand corner. This will provide more information about what needs to be done in order to complete the task. Remember this is a cooperative mission, for the most fun you want to work with other players and for that communication is key.

[NAK] NAKSQUAD.NET | NAK#3 | NAK Quicksilver | Tanoa

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After the war between NATO and CSAT ended in an uneasy truce, an opportunistic insurgency sponsored by surrounding nations crushed local militias and moved in to fill the power vacuum. In a last ditch effort, NATO has deployed boots on the ground to root out the determined enemy and bring peace to Tanoa.Tanoa server, a total rework of Invade and Annex.

The atmosphere of the server is centered around the infantry soldier and cooperative play. With the removal of the halo jump, the transport pilot role becomes much more important and the pace is slowed down. Revive is limited to the medic role or being revived with medical resources, so working together is key to success. However do not fear, even if you are not able to play with your buddies, you can recruit some AI and command and take on the AO.

The server has new missions and new features, like a GPS jammer that blocks part of the map until destroyed, a radio that has dynamic channels (Main AO, secondary AO) and allows players to subscribe to said channels, restrictions on the amount of CAS pilots, No Halo – All players can fly transport helicopters when server population is less than 20, civilians at the AO’s to watch out for, and the FOB system allowing transport pilots to always have active jobs and more.


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NAK Squad is proud to announce the return of our Zeus server, as promised. With this re-release, we are introducing 3 Zeus roles. Two of the roles are reserved for whitelisted Zeus. All previous approved Zeus and all NAK Elite are able to join the Reserved Zeus roles. The third Zeus slot is open to the public. Any player that wishes to be a Zeus needs to read and understand the Zeus Rules and Guidelines. Players will be able to use any Approved Mod on the server, Zeus are limited to the mods in the Official NAK Zeus Collection in the Steam Workshop. If you have any questions first review the Zeus Rules and Guidelines, and the Zeus Forum, if your answer is not provided speak to an Admin in TeamSpeak.