PLEASE BAN THIS GUY PLEASE(first time in 3 yrs asking for help)

I have a question. When a player is waiting for an aircraft to become active, what do you do when you see them? Do you take the aircraft? “Sledge,” a player, took the aircraft from me at the last moment after I waited for it for minutes. He stole it by waiting on spawn spot when i respawned it and refused to return it when I asked him to. He then intentionally rammed the aircraft into me, killed me. Please check the server logs if there are any. I had informed the admin about this player 30 minutes before the incident occurred because he was destroying the aircrafts 10 seconds after taking off ,also he was taking off right in front of hangars and not following your server rules. The admin said ok, and then this incident happened. This player killed me twice and destroyed the aircrafts. Will this player be banned? I’ve been waiting on Teamspeak for 30 minutes now, but the admin is not available, so I had to open this topic. Good evening.

I have handled the situation in the teamspeak, Offending player was banned for intentional teamkilling.

I am sorry that this situation has happened to you, our goal within our community and within our servers is for everyone to enjoy themselves and have a fun time while playing and chatting with other players. Now as far as I am concerned there is no definitive rule about stealing or hijacking aircraft and or tanks. However if a player does this to another player it can fall into Griefing more so when they offending player teamkills you in the process. You can also go to the help channel and if any admins are on at that time we can handle the situation a bit more quickly.

In the future if you can Post a player report/misconduct report via the correct form post which would follow these steps in the future.
Offender’s Name:
Description of the offense:
Server misconduct occurred on:
Approximate time and date the offense occurred:
Were there admins online? If yes which ones?
Screenshot, recording or other evidence (if available*)