Protect the Mayor of Kavala

Date and time: 08.02. 2020 20:10
Objective: Protect the Mayor of Kavala

The mayor of Kavala is under attack by a local paramilitary group and was relocated to the local police department. It is now under attack and has requested NATO to relocate the mayor to Pyrgos where the police department is more defendable.

Your mission is to:

  1. Go to Kavala and secure the immediate area of the police department.
  2. Extract the mayor to the FOB Stadium (north of Kavala)
  3. Relocate with the mayor from the FOB Stadium to the town of Pyrgos
  4. Protect the police department of Pyrgos until friendly reinforcements arrive.

Friendly units in the area are:
• NATO Forces at FOB Stadium
• Local police of Kavala
• Local police of Pyrgos

Known enemy units:
• Syndikat Paramilitary Groups are active in the AO
• OPFOR in the northwest of Altis have not been seen near the AO

Available Vehicles:
2x Hunter
1x AMV-7 Marshall
1x UH-80 Ghost Hawk
1x AH-99 Blackfoot

Loadout restrictions:
• No nightvision (the mission takes place during the day)
• No thermal vision devices (headgear, scopes, laser designator, etc.)
• NATO Uniform and Equipment