Push back

idk if there is a script in the server for it or not but i did find that it exists. with only the bobcats working especially in tanoa taxing away from the bobcat can be problematic. Automated push back script would fix that. Something else that we may already be able to do that i just don’t know how is ammo drops. now i did notice something VERY cool in the altis server. a stomper turned ammo truck… that was awesome but only in that server don’t see one in tanoa… VERY awesome idea tho…

its dangerous but it works for the most part cuz this happend on altis also… myself Ive used a hemtt, tow a tank, then put the tank just a tiny bit into the body of the bobcat under tow then release it. the tank is noclip but then becomes solid arma dont like it the bobcat will go flipping off to unbind itself if you do this the proper way and direction it ‘somewhat can be controlled’ worse case it gets destroyed and respawns.

dont take it as a fix but a half measure, its worked for me a few times.

best solution would be jersey barriers or hescos around them so they cant ever be moved. adding more scripts to arma typically isnt the best answer when talking about heavy scripted servers as is.