Question about Nak Elite and Pilot role

I had an argument with a player today, regarding NAK Elite and Pilot role

My argument is that as a NAK Elite Rule#9 applies to us as well, according to this player that is not how it works

I have seen a behaviour from some players where they fly themselves to objectives land, get out of the helicopter and take the objective (for example Download Research Data) then hop on the helicopter and fly away.

In other occasions I have seen flying themselves to an AO, slinging a HEMTT, land the helicopter and be on the FSG Gunner role, AO ends, hop back in to helicopter and pickup and transport infantry back to base.

I do understand that this is a Video Game and we are all here to have fun, but if this will affect us and give NAK Elite a bad name and affect the nice perk that we as NAK Elite (that is, be on any role and fly a helicopter or plane without the need to be on a Pilot Role, respecting Rule #9, of course) then I will speak up

Could an admin please clarify this for me, and if I am wrong please correct me. I might have skipped comprehensive lecture in my early school days.


NAK Elite are not allowed to fly themselves to objectives and fight on ground or sling vehicles for themselves. It is considered to be wasting assets. If you see NAK Elite doing this report them in chat.

I forgot to add this in the reply. This is a written rule.

  1. “ Pilots may not fight on the ground as infantry. If a pilot is shot down they may defend their downed aircraft but may not move from a defensive location near (50 m) the downed aircraft. The downed pilot must call for immediate evac, and may wait a “reasonable” time for that evec. A reasonable amount of time would be travel time from the main terminal plus approximately 5 mins. If the evac does not come within that time the pilot must respawn. This applies to all players including NAK Elite.“

Hello REAPER6,

Thank you for the fast reply and clarification.



I looked into this rule shortly after our encounter yesterday. I based my info from past experience and doing it with other admins and elite members. I was wrong in this situation however understand why I assumed which I shouldn’t have.


That has not been allowed since I have been here…about 3 years.