Quick start wasteland guide.

Just a few quick start notes for wasteland for those who new.

Blue circles=towns, vehicles of a wide variety are spawned in and available inside the blue circles. You may even find an unarmed helicopter.

GS=General store, this should be your first stop. You’ll want a bergen backpack and a spawn beacon for sure. It’s advisable to also get a better vest with protection. Make sure not to lose your starting equipment in the
process. eg. mine detector, toolkit, medkit.

Weapon shop= self explanatory and of course your 2nd stop. Def want a ranged weapon with scope. Snipers are always awesome but if you don’t have line of sight you’ll want something with a faster rate of fire.

Good starting missions are “Grave Robbers”, “Bank Heist”, and “Q-Cache”. These are infantry only and have decent pay outs.

Mission rewards are the crates, once you’ve dug through them for what you want you can either take them with you or recycle them for cash using the scroll wheel menu. Beware there is a crate that spawns sometimes
and is “glitched” it will make you warp backward. If you run at it backward though and are quick enough with the menu you can grab it and put it elsewhere while you loot.

A note on missions, Helicopters are extremely aggressive and spawn for not only air missions but patrol ops and town invasions. If you are in a vehicle (yes even civ ground ones) and are anywhere near the missions the helo’s will chase you down and will even extend the entire length of the map from where they spawned in the mission. Red lines will show you where other vehicles/infantry are in relation to the main mission marker. This will disappear from time to time and come back. I personally think it happens when the veh or inf stop moving. Who knows tho it is arma… The aforementioned missions are also the hardest ones. Patrol ops may spawn anywhere but mostly spawns on airfields. You do not want to be there when they do spawn.

Loadout areas are at all airfields, its the red circle with the rocket in the middle (I think its a rocket). Note the 1st time you use it everything is fine, when you return to rearm you have to use a preset loadout first. Then open the loadout window again to to customize. You can also use a m113 resupply which will also repair your aircraft or vehicle, however you will not be able to customize the loadout. The m113 can be found under armored in the vehicle store for 1000.

DMV locations give you the ability to purchase vehicles you find on the map at half the cost of the vehicle store price. You can also repaint your vehicle there for 500. A note, some of them are a little glitchy and you have to drive behind them to get them to work.

RHS helo’s and jets cannot lock onto air targets. RHS tanks also take considerably more hits with ordinance to take out while vanilla tanks take a single round. That being said RHS tanks don’t target as well as vanilla tanks. Your round may drop early or go right over the top.

You can tow anything with anything. You can even sling lift a jet with a helicopter. However, be careful when you drop your load. It likes to spring back up and blow up the helo sometimes. Same with towing RHS vehicles with vanilla vehicles or vice versa. When you untow sometimes bad things happen.

I can’t think of anything else, if anyone wants to add onto this feel free. :slight_smile: :ugeek:

OHH i forgot one thing, something about the game type apparently eats up more memory than the other nak servers. if you crash a lot especially when you open the map reducing the graphics quality fixed that for me.

Nice idea on start up FAQ, maybe this thread eases other ppl into the WASTELAND, it is such a great server! Will add to this WASTELAND PRO TIPS LIST! TY, Kudos


The bases at the following coordinates are now open for public use. I was given authority from previous owner to manage them as I see fit so I decided to open those sites for all to use, since that was their original use by the last owner. Grid to follow:
Main FOB: 248 231