Quicksilver server request

I would like to request that when the Quicksilver Tanoa server goes live, the mods provide at least one transport Hellcat. It’s size and maneuverability - it’s capability to carry both troops and mid-size cargo - including smaller vehicles, makes it more suitable for the small map, with it’s tight spaces and small openings in the terrain, than the other larger birds. Besides, IMO it has the best visibility of all the heli’s - outside of the Hummingbird - which helps when maneuvering in and around the tight spaces. The Hummingbird is very capable here, but is handicapped by it’s limited lifting ability, and is best suited only for troop transport.

A year or so ago, when I first started play at NAK, mostly on Altis, There was never an issue getting a Hellcat mount. Nobody seemed to like them. Now I think my secret is out: It’s the best all-around Heli in ARMA! I can never never snag one on Altis these days!

The server is almost ready for production, there is a lot that goes into testing and making sure that a server will work without issues. We were planning on making it live on the 5th, but I have been ill and have not been able to commit the time to it this week. It will go live sometime this week most likely.

I believe the hellcat has the ability to spawn occasionally as a reward, but yes currently i have not seen it in the transport helo section of the map.

All the helicopters that spawn are random, at times the Hellcat will spawn. We have no plans of changing the core code for vehicle spawning at this time.

K. Thanks for the word on that. Assumed the Admins were populating the map. Maybe you could enlighten us as to how the whole thing is put together? How much control DO the admins have over what happens on this server? Is the Quicksilver version software automatically setting up missions and controlling what happens on the map? Do the Admins have much control at all?

We can change anything we wish. We have made many changes to the code to support mod use, bug fixes, sling loading, towing and more, but to maintain an upgrade path at least, for the time being, we are going to leave some elements as is.

Gotcha - Thanks.