Has something changed in the last couple weeks? So I’ve noticed enemy planes have not been showing up on radar like they use to. Noticed it a maybe a couple weeks ago don’t know exactly when but enemy planes are not showing up on radar sometimes. There is no common occurrence in range or type of enemy plane both stealth and non stealth jets do it. I’ve actually had planes in visual distance not showing up sometimes and occasionally AA missles medium and short range will not give lock although that has only happened a handful of times. It’s confirmed it’s not just happening to me. Other pilots have noticed it also. It’s possibly a mod but don’t know the odds of all the pilots using the same mod. I have yet to try vanilla or in a server other than Altis.

For those of you that fly and have noticed the issue can you please post any flight mods you use and the differences you have noticed.

I’ve definately noticed it in the past week, gryphons especially, several times they didnt show until 3k directly dead center in front of me n it was too late. To the point of rage quit worthy frustration. but I havent changed anything as far as mods from past few weeks til recently

You might not of changed a mod but something could of been updated. Had a shikra by the airport today while I was landing that didn’t pop up until it fired a missile at me. Had about 2 seconds to flare.

Just fiddled around with stuff, do you use any of the squad radars? I took the DUI one off and the radar was functioning at regular distances again