Random Lightnings?

After the recent updates I started to notice that after an hour and a half on the server, lightnings bolts like the ones Zeus can throw fall 10 to 15 meters from my position every 15 to 20 minutes. This is always the case, every time I go to Tanoa Quicksilver. This is statistically impossible for it to happen randomly. The other players apparently can neither see nor hear those lightnings. I have already tried playing without any mod and this keeps happening.
Before these updates that had never happened to me, so I reckon it will be related in some way.

If this happened to me once or twice while playing in the server, it could turn out to be fun. But the sound is very loud, the flash of light is annoying and causes damage. And when it starts to happen every 10 minutes it becomes extremely annoying. :confused:

Thank you.

I could already solve it.
It was strange that only I saw those lightning bolts. Finally they were some badly updated files. I was able to solve it by checking the integrity of my game.

Sorry. My fault.