Recomended changes to keybindings

I ran across a couple of options for keybindings that really make a big difference. I listed below the couple of changes I recommend. Are there any changes to keybindings that you use?

Weapons > Zeroing Up = Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Up
Weapons > Zeroing Down = Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Down
Infantry Movement > Combat Pace = W + S
Infantry Movement > Combat Pace 3 Sec = 2XW
View > Zoom In = Shift + Mouse Wheel Up
View > Zoom Out = Shift + Mouse Wheel Down
View → Look Right Down = NUM 3 - This will allow you to look behind yourself. like a quick 180o look. You can still turn and move while looking over your shoulder.
Side note related to keybinding the Remote Designator, Strider and SVD all have the ability to raise and lower their camera with the View > Raise Turret and View > Lower Turret keybinding

Thanks for sharing, will try these out!

Don’t forget to assign keys to specific voice channels. This can be found by hitting escape and going to Controls > Multiplayer > "Talk on _____ "

I personally recommend at the very least setting a dedicated key for a direct chat as it allows you to super easily talk to anyone nearby while still being able to talk in group chat. It’s like when we had TFAR and you could easily shout to anyone nearby