Reduced (1 Day) - Der Juden Ban Appeal

  1. Der Juden(The Jew)
  2. Steam Community :: Inkeldink
  3. Ban for Racism
  4. Bandit I think/~4:10/ Invade and Annex Arma 3 Coop
  5. I’ve had that name set as my arma name for years and nobody has ever complained so I never bothered changing it. If anyone had let me know that they had found it offensive I would have changed it immediately. This is the first server of many servers I’ve visited that has ever brought it to my attention.

After reviewing your appeal and per our conversation on Teamspeak I have reduced this to a 1 day ban (starting from time of initial ban). What other servers do does not apply to our rules here in the NAK Community. You did the right thing by coming onto Teamspeak to talk with an admin very shortly after the ban and submitted your ban appeal as advised. I also noticed that you have already changed your name to “The Dinkster” which shows that you heard and understood the messages that came across from the initial ban.

My concern is that you even came in game with that name after reading the rules. I have reduced your ban and would strongly suggest that you use that time to review the server and teamspeak rules found at the links below:

Your attitude, honesty and willingness to keep this a fun and mature gaming community tells me that you may be a great asset to NAK. The only thing I ask is that you prove me right on this and lead by example for all to see.