Reduced (2-days): Archer - Teamspeak Ban Appeal

IG Name: Archer

  1. CopOut.

  2. I wasn’t in-game so it does not matter if my speaker was muted. I alerted admins twice that I was muting my speaker but wasn’t in game. 3 days is really excessive as I wanted to play after finishing up in editor.

Hello Archer,

I noticed you were in TeamSpeak in the Altis Pilot channel with muted speakers. The title of that channel specifically states, “No speaker mute allow.”

You were given notice that your speakers were muted and moved to the Lobby to correct your error. Instead of doing so, you immediately rejoined the Altis Pilot channel while your speakers remained muted. You were then kicked from the TS server and again given a notice that your speakers were muted. Hint You immediately rejoined the TS server with muted speakers and entered the Altis Pilot channel without unmuting your speakers.

All of this took place between 09:45:10 and 09:46:05 central time, totaling 55 seconds. Not once during this time did you stop, think about what was trying to be accomplished, or attempt to properly remedy the situation. Instead, you defied my notices and the actions taken and continued violating our rules.

Stating, “I wasn’t in-game so it does not matter if my speaker was muted” further reinforces the belief that you were going to do whatever you wanted to do regardless, and there is no place for that here.

You have acquired at least 19 hours on our servers. I would expect that you would know the rules by now.

Had these violations taken place over a broader period of time, your ban would have been for only one hour, but since you were so persistent in having it your way, the 3-day TeamSpeak ban was given. In light of the fact that you filed an appeal and are NOW attempting to correct the matter, I have reduced the TS ban to 2 days.

You are welcome to continue playing on the NAK servers, however, you will not be allowed to operate in the role of Pilot, UAV or ATC until your TeamSpeak ban has expired. If you are found violating this, you will be banned from the NAK Servers.

Moving ban to all servers for 3 days - in addition to the 2 days, from c0p0ut. Player reported c0p0ut, in the forums stating that his post was redundant. The additional ban is for false reporting.