Reduced 3 days - Ban Appeal - Kevin

My user name in the game of Arma 3 is “Kevin”. My Steam profile is (Steam Community :: kevinsbean69). My ban message writes “You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Admin Kick (Hackingbanned for perm - expires Perm by VileAce [Admin]))
The name of the admin was VileAce and I’m currently not sure about the approximate time of the ban. I remember playing on the server, “[NAK] | Nak#1 | I&A | Altis”, Sunday night on the 5th of May. I tried to join the server the next Monday morning around 6:30. I’m currently not sure what “hack” I was using but I know that the only mods I would use would be for outfits. If there was a mod that must’ve harmed the server, I apologize. I was curious on what mod that I have been using because I would download mods for separate scenarios in the game, which I had hoped that would have no effect to the game. If there was any mod that I have been using, I will gladly uninstall it to participate and play back again the server.

You logged in with “ravage”, which is definitely not an approved mod on the server and the mod attempts to make many changes server wide, including disabling all AI functions. Anyone who tries to log into the server with a harmful mod, even if they did not originally get in, may be banned at any time. We review the logs on a regular basis looking for such behavior.

I will change the ban to 3 days this time, but review our approved mod list and make sure you only use mods that are approved. Any mod not specifically listed as “allowed” is restricted.

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