Reduced (3 days) - M.Anderson Ban Appeal

  1. M.Anderson
  2. 76561198085277175
  3. Steam Community :: Screenshot
  5. A week ago idk
  6. I was banned when I wasn’t on the server
  7. I won’t use the mods again, originally it gave no reason why I was banned other than hacking so I had no idea why but I won’t use the mod anymore since thats the reason.

You attempted to use 2 seperate mods that have no other purpose other than cheating, you also attempted to use at least 3 other non approved mods (including Achilles and ArmSTALKER). You attempted to do this on both Altis and the Tanoa servers. One of the mods that you were running tried to end the mission and kick everyone off the server which is why you were banned.

We have a list of approved mods, no other mods may be used. I will reduce the bans to time served but the bans will stay on your record. Any other violations within 90 days, and the perm ban will be reinstated.

In one of your post you stated “wasn’t cheating just using weapon and gear mods” which is not the case. Please do not misrepresent the truth to the admins in the future.