Reduced (3 days) - NINJA KID1206 - Ban Appeal

Please use the temple below for your ban appeal.

  1. NINJA KID1206
  2. 76561198373838130

4. Moon
5. 12/31/19
6. Altis - NAK Invade and Annex server
7. I have done 2 things to get me kicked, I blew up a helicopter, and I drove a car into the spawn (it blew up but I was pushing it out). I saw that fooling around ruins the game for others with my friends macer, conne, micheal, and alang when they were fooling around. I didn’t want to destroy anyone else’s experience anymore and that was that. I now see how fooling around can also affect me and I was deeply regretting what I did when I noticed my sanctuary was now closed off. I was always wanting to play games like Arma and like this server with a great community and realistic military operations due to me wanting to join the marines. I looked everywhere and found this server and no other server could compete. I was waiting for my friends so I deceived to just drive the truck into the wall because I was bored. It went to far to quick and I saw what was going to happen when it went over the wall. I tried to get it out but it blew up. My friends were telling me to leave so I wouldn’t get kicked but I knew it was wrong so I stood and hoped I wouldn’t get kicked but I was. I wanted another chance to prove I won’t harm the server anymore. I hope this does something to help me get back in and stop my ways of harming a server. If not then please let my section go on without any problems I never want them to get in trouble I will stay banned as long as they can play. Thank you.

I witnessed the blowing up of the vehicle and even I got killed in the process, still it was very irresponsible from you to crash a truck inside infantry base and it was your fault those players got killed many which lost their loadouts they were working on. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt of you didn’t do that on purpose but still that resulted in Team killing. At this point since you came here and accepted what you did I am going to reduce the ban to a : 3 day ban. Please don’t do things like that in the future or you will get in trouble

Thank you, Sir. I will not let you down.