Reduced (3-Days) - Sgt Tom - Ban Appeal - 7 day Greifing

  1. Sgt.Tom
  2. Player Steam profile copy here (ex:Steam Community :: Error)
  3. Griefing 7days
  4. I get a ban not denying that but 7 day’s seems a little excessive for shooting literally one bullet at someone especially when I have seen other players who are giving just day kicks .


The reason this ban was so long is because of the severity on top of multiple & recent run-ins you have had with several admins. You have been kicked for singing over the comms, being AFK in a pilot slot, and ignoring instructions from multiple admins on multiple occasions (both myself and Lorenzo). You were calm in teamspeak when I moved you into the help room and you owned up to what you did which is appreciated. What I do not appreciate is the poke you sent me that said “JESUSE 7D’S kinda of execsive for shooting one bullet.”

I don’t believe you take this community or its administration very seriously and you are beginning to consume a lot of our time. I highly suggest you take this time to familiarize yourself once again with the server and teamspeak rules posted below and reply to this post when you have done so. At that time your ban will be reduced to 3 days. If you continue to have infractions know that the severity of administrative action will be increased.


I have not received a response to this so I will assume you haven’t taken this time to review the documents and reply. The full 7 day ban will remain until you acknowledge receipt of this message or until the initial ban expires.