Reduced (6 months) - Ban Appeal for MalevolantB

2. Steam Community :: MalevolantB
3. You have been kicked from the server, reason Banned. Rule #15, perm, admin Copout
4. Copout, permanent, banned from all NAKsquad servers, time of ban unknown
5. I didnt know at the time that sending people a discord link was against the rules as i wasnt recruiting for any specific clan or group, just trying to find like minded people with mics to chat with in a squad to make communications and coordination with each other easier. I dont use teamspeak anymore so i didnt really think a discord link would be harmful to new players who were only on the server once and the maybe 3-6 people i played with consistently. I frequently played on the server and was already on a discord server with some people, and didnt know it was considered recruiting, i thought it was harmless and i wasnt trying to pull anyone away from NAK.

I have reviewed your prior activity on the server and it should be noted that you spammed the chat channel with a discord address in both group and direct chat, sequentially, 8 times. During which, you were directed 2 times by an admin to stop spamming chat and you finally did. When you returned the following day, you continued to post the discord address 4 more times over a 2 hour period. In summary, in 2 days, you posted a discord address 12 times in hopes of encouraging people into another voice chat client, away from that which NAK already offers for players, being our TeamSpeak channel.

The reason we have a TeamSpeak channel is to provide those who do not use in-game communication, a place to openly communicate with each other. As our pilots are required to be in our TeamSpeak channel, others join to communicate with them and other non-pilots alike. We have separate channels for those wishing to communicate with each other in a more intimate group, away from the pilot’s channel.

By encouraging players away from resources we provide, you are by nature recruiting them away from the “community” we have and strive to maintain here at NAK.

I noticed you attempted to join the NAK server in April, once in May, none in June, and now in July (once yesterday and once today). Based on your infrequency in attempting to join the servers and the fact that it took 5 months to post a ban appeal, along with the fact that you handled the ban appeal appropriately, I am reducing the ban from Perm to 6 months. It will expired on 08-28-19. After that time, if it is determined that you have encouraged players away from NAK resources (i.e. recruiting), the ban will return to Perm and any future appeals will be denied.

I appreciate your continued interest in the NAK community and I hope you strive in encouraging and re-enforcing the community environment we have here.