Reduced (7 days) - Amos Fricker ban appeal

  1. Exact in game name - Amos Fricker
  2. Player Steam profile copy here - Steam Community :: amos_leo
  3. Player Amos Fricker was kicked (Banned Rule #15 for Perm - expires Perm. By VileAce [Admin]. No recruiting. Perm remaining.)
  4. VileAce, 11:30am EST, Altis #1.
  5. Any explanation or justification. The reason the ban should be lifted.
    I believe I was banned for recruiting telling another player something about Discord. I Didn’t Realize that it meant that, I thought recruiting was about like taking people away to put them in another server only, So I do apologize! Looking to still play hear with everyone…

I was the one he was trying get into discord with we genuinely didn’t think it would be an issue.

NAK allows voice communications in the game itself and we offer TeamSpeak as a communication platform outside of the game. Part of building a community is getting people together in a common place to enjoy common interests. So, encouraging people away from what we have to offer degrades the community.

I will reduce the ban to 7 days, and it will remain in the admin files for future review if needed. Please take a moment to review all the server rules and in the future, if you are unsure about a rule, ask an admin. Please refrain from recruiting or pulling resources / players from what we offer to another location as we would like to keep our community strong.

RULE #15) No recruiting
First Offense: Based on severity, up to a permanent ban.

Recruiting is not allowed on the server. Using any NAK resources including, but not limited to, game servers, TeamSpeak or website, to recruit or entice players away from NAK resources is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to links or references to other groups, games, or servers which includes Discord links. Use resources not provided by NAK Squad to send such information.

Yeah if i would have known in the first place i wouldn’t have done that! Sorry guess sometimes just takes getting use to new server rules To fully Understand them all! But ill keep in mine from Now on!

Note for record about appeal:
Player did come onto teamspeak and handled himself in a very professional manner. He was apologetic, owned up to his mistake, was receptive to advice, and was also given the server and TS rules at that time as well. He was asking the correct protocol to put the appeal in and showed patience during the process.

Vile has made a very fair decision and I do hope you take this time to review the rules and join us again when your time has expired.