Reduced (7 days) - Andrew - Ban Appeal

  1. Andrew
  2. Steam Community :: Battlechan
  3. You were kicked off the game. (BattleEye: Admin Kick (Rule #1 Racism. - Permanent ban. Entered by G0lden.))
  4. 3/15/2019 (around that time)
  5. Was talking to a friend where she was in the groupchat “Which AO are you at ni (bb) a”
    Im not a racist, I was just looking to play the game with my friend.

“Nibba” is the Slang term for the racist term “Ni**a”. Slang definition can be found HERE

My concern is that you do not believe what you typed was racist. Just because you replaced a couple letters of a racist term, in an attempt to pass it off as acceptable, proves to me that somewhere in your thought process you knew it was wrong. In the NAK Community no racist term will ever be acceptable.

Also when playing on our servers, you need to assume that everything you type or anything you say is public, even if you are just talking to a friend, and as such ANY racist remarks will be treated as if you typed it/or said it in global.

Given the situation I am inclined to give you another chance, BUT, I will never unban an individual until they acknowledge their error and make amends. When you own up to your actions I will set the ban at 7 days from that point.

What I said was indeed racist. I apologize for swearing on the server, and will not use the word in general from now on.

Ban reduced- it is set to expire on 03/27/2019 at 2:01 AM Eastern Time. That is 7 days from today…

Thank you