Reduced 7 days - Ban Appeal - Colby - In Game Server

2. Steam Community :: CKidder
3. You were kicked off the game(BattleEye:Admin kick(Banned Rule #15 for perm - expires prem. Entered by VileAce [Ad))
4. VileAce, Time 2/9/19
5. Dear NAK,

My explanation is that I was talking to a bunch of guys and at the moment I noticed that they had a group going so I decided to ask and a bunch other that I have no I idea of them joining so as for my mistake I put in my Discord information with not thinking about it at the time, then a few seconds later I got banned. I want to go ahead and say I’m really sorry for on realizing that I did that and that I was send my discord information through NAK services an that I will make sure that will never happen again.

Sincerely, NAK

I am going to plagiarize CopOut’s response to another user that was banned for the same thing but under different circumstances. My biggest problem was that the individuals your were communicating with were actively recruiting for a unit/group of their own. I will give you another chance but any violation of rule #15 will be a permanent ban. Ban reduced to 7 days.

Our rules are clearly listed on the website and in-game.
RULE #15) No recruiting
First Offense: Based on severity, up to permanent ban.

Recruiting is not allowed on the server. Using any NAK resources including, but not limited to, game servers, TeamSpeak or website, to recruit or entice players away from NAK resources is not allowed. Mass sending of friend requests via Steam, to players on the server is also not allowed.

NAK provides voice communications both in-game through several voice channels as well as through TeamSpeak, again with several channels if you decide to have a more intimate group to converse with. These are part of the “NAK resources” you see listed above in the rule description. By providing another player with or advertising a Discord channel, you are enticing players away from NAK resources. We strive to encompass a community atmosphere on NAK. By encouraging others to leave NAK to join another voice communication resource splinters people away from the core community.

A violation of this rule has been established to include it being a permanent ban on the first offense, which should indicate how serious of a violation it is.