Reduced (7 days) Ban Appeal, LeoDaSeaLion

  1. LeoDaSeaLion, steam name is Coca-Cola Pee
  2. 76561198800809467
  3. You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Admin Kick (BAN rule #15-Perm-Wave-Perm. Recruiting))
  4. Wave, I think.
  5. 7/9/2020, about 5:00
  6. Invade and Annex Nak Altis
    7 I did invite 1 person to a Discord server, link is EDIT - Link Removed . The person I invites was Aircraft Maintainer. We were servicing aircraft together and I sent him that invite because he is a irl aircraft technician, and we wanted to be friends with each other. I had no intention of impersonating a NAk official and I only wanted to get into contact with Aircraft Maintainer.

*EDIT performed by Admin CopOut

To clarify, your ban appeal has been edited by a chief of staff, as it contained an active discord link.

In regards to the ban, there are three issues:

  1. Sharing a discord link.
  2. Sharing links multiple times including over side.
  3. Calling your discord NAK Squad Ground crew.

1. Sharing a discord link.

Is not allowed. We have our community in place with our teamspeak. If you wish to share a discord, please refrain from using NAK Squad’s resouces (add eachother on steam f.e.).

2. Sharing it multiple times including over side.

The moment you start sending it multiple times including over side, it goes from being an invite to another player to a discord spammed to the entire server.

3. Calling your discord NAK Squad Ground crew.

I can understand that you would call your discord in theme of the role you were playing, however the moment you put NAK Squad on something that is not run/owned by NAK Squad, it becomes an issue due to association and possible impersonation.

Now I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and reduce the permanent ban to 7 days from when the ban was issued (this means that in 6 days and 8 hours your ban will expire). Keep in mind that any future violations of rule 15 will result in a permanent ban.