Reduced (7 Days) - Heisen - Ban Appeal - Ban for Recruiting

  1. [LF] Heisen
  2. Steam Community :: Heisenberg
  3. BattleEye:Admin Kick (banned rule #15 for perm-expires Perm. Entered by VileAce. ALL)
  4. VileAce - Around 9 PM OCT/10 - NAKSQUAD LIBERATION
  5. Sorry, I didn’t really read all the rules and just chatted my livestream’s address, but it has no preview. I would, if possible, return to play on this server that I like a lot. Thank you guys!

I concerns me that you did not read the server rules. Using our resources to advertise your twitch, discord, or game server is not only against the rules it is just plan rude. I will lower the ban to 7 days, but you really need to read our rules. Any other rule violations in the next 90 days will be a permanent ban.