Reduced (7 days) - Nate - Ban Appeal 5/16/19

  1. NibbaNate (you can see the reason for the ban here)
  2. Steam Community :: ♤Nate♤
  3. Rule #1 Racism
  4. “vgerdj”, about 6:00 PM PST on 5/16/19, Invade and Annex Altis (NAK #1).
  5. I have not played on the server in a very long time, and in that time period I have changed my name several times, I am deeply sorry that I have forgotten the rules of the server and will promptly reread them following the post of this ban appeal.

Deeply sorry,

Nathan Treter
CPL, Enlisted

Reduced to 7 days

Please see me in TeamSpeak when you have a min.