Reduced (7-days) Pojat - Ban appeal

  1. Pojat
  2. Steam Community :: Error
    3.(( You were kicked off the game. (BattleEye: Admin Kick Banned Rule #15 For Perm - expires Perm. By Wave. No Recruiting))
  3. Admin: Unknown. Time 21.20 UTC+3. [NAK]NAKSQUAD.NET l NAK#1 l I&A l Altis
  4. The reason I gave out my discord to a guy was because he couldnt hear me speak over direct communication about a mod I had. So I gave him my discord to try and speak to him there. There was no recruiting happening. I was just trying to help the guy out.

Please read the rules: This includes but is not limited to links or references to other groups, games, or servers which includes Discord links.

We as NAK allow voice communications in the game itself and we offer TeamSpeak as a communication platform outside of the game. Part of building a community is getting people together in a common place to enjoy common interests. So, encouraging people away from what we have to offer degrades the community.

I will reduce the ban to 7 days, and it will remain in the admin files for future review if needed. Please take a moment to review all the server rules. Please refrain from pulling resources / players from what we offer to another location as we would like to keep our community strong here.

lastly, I recommend checking out the TeamSpeak ( or using group chat next time.

Thank you so much for the fast respond time. I understand what I did wrong. and what I shouldve done. Wont happen again. Thanks.