Reduced - Ban Appeal - Nicol - Wrong Word/Bad english

Name profile: Bombarda

Name in server: Nicol

Permanent ban from: c0p0ut

Steam profile: Steam Community :: Bombarda

Hi all, i want to say sorry for my english i try to explain in the best way the situation, i use the word " Nigga " and i take a 7 days ban, and an admin change this in a permanent ban. Is ok, the situation is this, english is not my mother lenguage, and i talk with people from usa ( in real life ) and someone explain me or try to explain me this, and he say to me " if use nigga " is not offensive, we use this word many times to call each other, is a " friendly " way to a black person, i talk with the admin Vile Ace and he explain to me the real situation about this, so i never wantbe racist, im not racist, is my first problem in nak servers, and thats all, i love to play wiht everybody i dont care about the sex, religion, color or country. i want say sorry i dont want be offensive in this ith nobodyes, i want only play in this server and have fun moment with every play. thank you and sorry again for my bad english

you asked me in TS to confirm with vile that your ban was only 7 days. I told you over 10 times that you should file a ban appeal on the website, not ‘ask’ admins in TS. but, more importantly, you should use the ban appeal template provided at the top of the ban forum. not following the rules yet again does not help your case

I try to talk with vile ace because he know the situation and maybe can give me more information about the situation. I say multiple time " i dont have a good english " and i try to do my best to listen you and do the " ban appeals " i just create a new ban appeal, no one explain me how to do in the right way. i try to follow your rules to resolve my situation. thats all.

thank you

i try to translate the rules to make a good ban appeal i add more information about me, the steam profile, the name etc. i hope is better now

Nicol, your original ban was auto-entered by our server bot for 7 days. I do review the bans regularly and when it is determined an auto-ban should be extended, I override the original ban and enter what is deemed more appropriate, which is why your ban was changed to permanent.

In NAK, our first rule is against racism and quite frankly I have zero tolerance for it in any form. I appreciate the fact that NAK draws participation of a variety of players from different countries, ethnicities and backgrounds. That is collectively one of our strengths and it should be admired.

Now, there are some who believe it is acceptable in certain situations for the term “nigga” to be used. If you are outside of that culture or intimate group and you use that term in a face-to-face situation, I would caution you that the next light you see might be hanging above your bed in the hospital emergency room. I read the statement you made in server text chat which included the word “nigga” and I have to say, it does not come across as a friendly statement or term of endearment. Quite the opposite. It comes across as flat out racist.

When playing on our servers, we do not always know the make-up of the players currently in the session and it is best to not use racially charged or derogatory words, anywhere. We want the players on our servers to be comfortable playing here and in their interactions with others.

Given the situation and your time dedication to the NAK servers with zero documented negative contacts or rule violations, I am inclined to allow you another chance, though I do not believe 7 days is long enough. I have reduced your ban from permanent to 14 days.

Please join us again after the time has expired, with having a deeper understanding on this topic.

Thank you for approaching this ban appeal in a dignified manner.

I understand everything. I keep this lesson in my head to be better, i want to say thank you to everybody, for your time and for the second chance!