(Reduced) denap - ban appeal

  1. denap
  2. 76561198166118778
  3. Auto banned for detected hateful speech
  4. No name since was auto banned
  5. 3/1/2022 approximately 930ish
  6. Altis #1
  7. ANY EXPLANATION OR JUSTIFICATION FOR WHY THE BAN SHOULD BE LIFTED: I was a transport pilot, which is my favorite role, and we were talking about religion for some reason, and I don’t use a microphone, so I type in the side channel to respond. Someone said something like "yeah idk what the difference is "So I said “jews are just catholics but don’t read the newest chapter” and that got me banned, which I think was surprising. I really love the game and don’t want to be out of playing for 7 days, please help me out! Being from both catholic and Jewish heritage I don’t see a problem with that statement.

I will lift the ban under time served. Just be careful what you are talking about, trigger activated because your comment fell under RULE #14. No religious talk is allowed in the servers.

Thank you so much sir, i understand and appreciate the notice. Is there anything that I need to do? Or will it go back to normal?

You are clear to go to normal, you do have a one-time warning. Please make sure to read all the rules at https://www.naksquad.net/rules/server-rules/ so this doesn’t happen again.