Reduced - Mehksauce Ban Appeal

  1. MehkSauce
  2. Steam Community :: saintbrutal
  3. Banned Rule #3 for 3d
  4. V. ( VIleAce? ) Naksquad - Atlis // Around 8pm est
  5. Firstly there was an issue with another guy name NOMAD who accused me of stealing his slot for a specific jet, That was taken care of by VileAce, it was his final word… the current admin in the server so i did what was asked for… fast forward 5min later, i took up a free buzzard seat… went my usual route and headed for takeoff… I checked my map, checked within my field of view, runway was clear… but keep in mind… the same guy “NOMAD” was near at the automatic service refuel/repair station ( not the bobcat )… As i was taking off, I’m not sure why NOMAD decided to take the runway i was taking off from, maybe he didn’t bother checking the map? i didn’t hear him in ts calling him taking off or atleast asking if the runway was clear… In the end we collided and got both of us killed… I was already semi off the ground around 160k/mh so there was no way for me to turn around… Yet NOMAD didn’t take any measure to avoid the collision. I wish i was recording to show more detailed version of what happened but sadly i wasn’t.

Respectfully requesting to get unbanned… I think VileAce took it the wrong way and thought i was salty/mad so he probably thought i was one of those little kids who ruins other people gaming experience, kind of what trolls do, but thats not the case… its just a jet… there are other plently of jets/heli to fly. I love this server, the guys that play here are very fun to play with and very chill, i respect the rules, i try to give respect to others unless im disrespected… then i just mute them… Naksquad is the only reason i still play arma 3… Thank you!

I do appreciate that you followed the ruling and gave him the plane but, I was in TeamSpeak when NOMAD was taking off after the argument you and he had, and he announced his intention to take off twice. I know you were not using your mic, but I saw no announcement that you were taking off nor a rebuttal when he announced his take off.

Yes I took it that you were being “salty/mad” do to the argument that you and NOMAD had. I will lower the ban to one day but I am not 100% convinced that you did not take off on the same runway at the same time and not expect there to be an issue.

Thank you! this lesson just motivate me to just record everytime now! i really dont wana be put in this situation again due to misunderstanding… And thanks for being a chill admin!