Reduced Time Served, BAN APPEAL-mazda

1 .mazda

3. something about mod restriction. i forgot what it is.
4. bandit
I was trying to fix my mods and got a one day ban. i was taking multiple mods that i thought would be the problem and then got some help going threw the list. Then we found it and made it back in with approved mods. and while making a class to start was banned by admin. who knew i was having trouble finding the mod. i think it was overkill to ban me for a day for having difficulties finding it with out searching threw all my mods. Bandit ended up helping me out and then he banned me for it afterwards.

We have a couple of issues here, first the server rules,

RULE #16) No Unapproved Mods
First Offense: Based on severity, up to a permanent ban.

NAK has a list of mods that are allowed on the server, you can find that list at >> . We generally will not ban a player for a minor violation, but using any mod a reasonable person would consider cheating will be considered a violation of this rule. These include but are not limited to invisibility, no clipping, teleport, unrestricted vehicle spawn, unlimited ammo and god mode. If you receive a script restriction when connecting to the server, you are using an unapproved mod.

Second the approved mod list states, "Any mod not specifically listed as “allowed” is restricted. " Continuing to connect to the server with restricted mods is a bannable offense, particularly when the mod is capable of cheating. The mod that you were loading would be considered a cheat as it does have an unrestricted vehicle spawner and AI spawner.

Last you made the statement " I have been running the same mods all week and had no problems." which is not the case, this mod has had a script restriction for over 18 months. Many other players were prevented from entering the server with that mod over the last few weeks, and longer, if you would have had that mod loaded, you would have received the same Script restriction #22 that you received on the 20th.

Although no misconduct occurred on Bandits part, and you were loading a restricted mod, after saying you had checked all your mods, I am going to remove the ban with time served because Spyder Addons was not listed as restricted. Please remember it is not required for it to be listed as restricted, "Any mod not specifically listed as “allowed” is restricted. ", but I understand that it can be difficult to check for restricted mods when it is not specifically listed. Even though you were in violation of rule #16, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt, based on the time that you have spent on NAK servers, that you did not have malicious intentions in loading the mod.