Reduced Time Served - please clap ban clarification

  1. please clap (previously “carl johnson”, among others I can’t remember)
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  4. I think it was VileAce, and it happened yesterday (May 28th, 2019) sometime in the afternoon. I’m afraid I don’t know the exact time it happened.
    Banned on: Server name: [NAK]NAKSQUAD.NET | NAK#1 | I&A | Altis
    Server version: 192145639
    Required game version: 1.92.0

Map: Altis
Mission: Invade & Annex NAK Altis
Players: 48/60

  1. I am unclear as to what I did that constitutes “cheating”, however after seeing it was for “restricted mod” I’m guessing it was because I had CUP Units/Vehicles enabled? I am sorry if that was the case because I usually leave it enabled when I play private games with my friends, and I think I’ve had it on many times in the past (again accidental) without realizing that it was restricted. I made the assumption that my mods weren’t inherently harmful to the server missions, as I equated mod packs such as the RHS family to the entire CUP family of mods. I will serve my sentence if you deem it necessary, but I would like to apologize for my mistakes as I do thoroughly enjoy playing on the server and don’t mean any harm in my actions. Please let me know what actions I must take to fix my mod set up or behavior so I can continue to play on the server. Thank you!

Please refer to

ONLY mods that are listed as allowed are okay for use on our servers. It doesn’t matter what mods you think are appropriate, this is the procedure. You may put in mod requests for mods you would like on the public servers.

You don’t know what kind of harm your mods can do to our server. That is why we do testing.

This post is only to help provide more information. The acting admin will still need to reply on the status of your appeal.

We do not ban players for simple use of restricted mods. I will look up the exact mod you were using, but I can promise that it is a mod specifically used for cheating on our servers. I will provide more detail later in the early evening, when I get home from work.

I think there is a misunderstanding, as I really like the server and wouldn’t willingly cheat and/or break rules. It’s the only server I actually play on anymore on A3 when I’m not playing with friends. The server was previously auto-kicking me for an admin mod I accidentally had enabled from the aforementioned sessions with friends, but I quickly disabled it when I figured that out.

Thank you for replying and I hope we can sort this out.

The system will often kick players when they have restricted mods enabled, but we review the logs to find out what mod was enabled, in your case, it was a mod that allowed teleport, invisibility, god mode, it attempted to executing functions on all players on the server, among others.

Just so we are clear and anyone that reads this understands, we do not ban players for loading things like CUP Units or CUP Vehicles. We may ban someone when they attempt to connect with mods that allow things such as teleport, invinsibility, god mode, or mods that change the color, highlight or place a marker on enemies (non map markers). Those mods are clearly used for “cheating” in multiplayer servers.

Please consider making a saved mod preset for NAK Servers so this does not happen again. Steam Community :: Guide :: Arma III Launcher Presets I will remove the ban this time but please be cautious in the future, this is your one “get out of jail free card for this issue”.

Excerpt from logs

Thanks for the clarification and for the reduction in ban. I will definitely put that together now that I know what’s going on with those mods. Cheers!