Reduced to time served- Victor Eisenhardt Perm Ban Appeal for Rule #3 & 4

  1. My in game name is Victor Eisenhardt
  2. Steam Community :: Mars
  3. "Banned RUle #3 Rule #4 for Perm - expires Perm. By VileAce[Admin]
  4. Vile Ace - 3/16/2019 6:00PM EST
  5. I have played on your servers quite a bit in the past. I frequently played with ArcticEquine, ArcticThunder, and Commander12 / Ulett. I especially enjoyed playing on the Malden server because it allowed me to tackle missions with minimal support. I was banned for shooting down Commander12 / Ulett down. I’m aware that team killing is against the rules but it was just a friendly squabble that went awry. If you would like you can talk to ArcticEquine and he can tell you how much we enjoy playing on the server together and working as a team. I apologize for my misconduct and I hope we can come to a suitable arrangement for both of us.

Thank you,

I would not call what happened a “friendly squabble that went awry” You TK’ed once, then a couple minutes later you TK’ed multiple players, then you disconnected (maybe hoping you would not be banned for your actions). We had multiple admins online at the time of the TK. If you had an issue with a player, we have many methods in place to report that player to an admin. Taking actions into your own hands will never be acceptable on NAK servers. You should know the server rules with the number of hours you have on the server.

Based on your actions, the two seperate team killing incidences, tk then disconnect, and tk in order to harass, you elevated team killing to trolling, and due to that, a permanent ban is appropriate.

I don’t remember who I team killed other than Ulett / Commander 12. All I remember is that I was fooling around with him. He took off of the USS Freedom and I shot an AA Missile at him, destroying his UH-60. I was unaware that there was another person inside of the helicopter when I initiated this. Did I team kill Commander / Ulett twice? I’m not sure who I murdered before the helicopter incident. Disconnecting afterwards was not to avoid a ban, it was just me getting off of the game for a couple minutes to cool down. I stayed in the teamspeak for a while after that.

I am still very concerned with your descriptions of the events. In the first message, you said

I’m aware that team killing is against the rules but it was just a friendly squabble that went awry.

and in your reply to me, you said

All I remember is that I was fooling around with him.

You TK’ed a player because you were mad or upset with them for some reason. You continue to use euphemisms for intentionally TK’ing multiple players out of anger.

When a player decides to TK, they are not only depriving the player they TK’ed of the enjoyment of playing on our servers, but they affect everyone on the server. When you Tk’ed Ulett, there was one less pilot available, there was one less helicopter doing transport, everyone had to wait for the vehicle to respawn, and when someone TK’s it affects the morale of everyone on the server.

I have always said that I will not even consider removing a ban unless the player takes onus for their actions. Try explaining what you did and why you did it, this time avoid downplaying the TK’ing other players.

My apologies, I never meant to downplay the situation. I know that killing players affects the missions and the people doing them. Especially when you kill a pilot. They provide quite a bit of support for infantry on the battlefield. I cannot recall exactly why I teamkilled Ulett at this time. It was likely just a rash decision made in the spur of the moment based on some comment he made or an action that he did. I’m fully aware that this does not aid my case but that is what happened. I did not intend to affect the server as a whole during this incident. I should have put more thought into what I was doing beforehand. Given another opportunity I will strive to make sure that I am less childish about “solving” a problem between friends. I did enjoy playing on your servers quite a bit during my time on NAK. So, if this ruling sticks I’d like to thank you for such an entertaining server and wonderful community.

I reduce the ban to times served. No more TK’s. If you are having issues with another player report it to the admins. ‘!admin PLAYER NAME what they are doing wrong’.

Thank you.