Refining the Rules, Implementing New Systems, More Options

Refining the RulesRecently, I’ve been running into trouble with the “law” around here, and 1 thing has becoming extremely apparent to myself, and to a lot of other veteran players. The rules governing the community are just too vague. The issue with vagueness is that it allows for gross misconduct and abuses of powers while citing rules that are a quasi catch all. For example, Rule 14 states that there should be no use of objectionable language but doesn’t define what that objectionable language is. We’ve come to tolerate it as a “no swearing” rule, but the issue is, its too vague. Everything someone says is objectionable to another. It’s just a matter of time before someone takes that rule and starts to abuse it to get rid of people they don’t like. I like this community, minus a few here and there. Its the only one that I know of, that has a public zeus server while still hosting quality operations.

Now, I’m not campaigning for the rules to be removed, but I am asking for them to be more defined. Admin’s discretion is just not good enough, especially when players are not allowed to record evidence they may need to make a case in a ban appeal. It can and I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if it has been abused.

These are the rules I take exception to.

General Server Rules: ( )

Rule #9 - No playing as infantry while in the pilot slot. This rule is just so horrendously enforced. It just seems to be at an admin’s whim, instead of when a player infringes the rule. I’ve seen admins break this rule repeatedly, yet get annoyed when someone else breaks it. It sets up a double standard that alienates any playerbase.

Rule #10 - Arguing with the administration. I understand this rule is going to be hard to accurately define, but even a simple argument over too strict restrictions can lead to a mute or ban. I would suggest changing it to not excessively argue with admins.

Rule #11 - No pilots, UAV operator, or ATC may play without being on NAK Squad Teamspeak sever. I take a exception to this rule considering it’s completely ignored when you’re a NAK Elite member. It seems like the whole idea behind the rule is so that you can communicate with other pilots, UAV operator and the ATC for increased coordination during takeoff, landings and attack runs, yet you don’t have to do any of that if you just so happened to be arbitrarily picked to be in NAK Elite. Just because you’re NAK Elite, shouldn’t mean you automatically get to ignore a rule that everyone else has to follow. Regardless of whether you’re a NAK Elite, NAK Tac, Nak Donor or even an admin, if you want to fly or operate UAVs, you are required to be on the Teamspeak server, no exceptions.

Rule #14 - No objectionable language. As I stated earlier, this is just far too vague. most players have taken it to mean either no swearing or no excessive swearing, but its just far too vague and varies far too much from admin to admin to the point the rule’s a ongoing joke among the veteran NAK community. The fact that you have to be 16, as stated in rule #12, to join the server yet we’re not allowed to swear is ridiculous. As for the defense of “people play with their kids around and don’t have or wear headphone” it’s a nonfactor. You’re playing a military simulator that is arguable highly politicized around your kid. Welcome to 2021, people swear all the time. Some admins hardly ever enforce the rule, others are far too upright about the rule where they start banning people because they received criticism then cite a previous infraction to make the ban as long as possible.

Rule #17 - No recording or streaming of Teamspeak. This promotes some of the grossest negligence and double standards I’ve ever seen in my life. Admins can take HUGE advantage over this rule and it becomes a hearsay and conjecture in a ban appeal. I’ve been banned a couple of times because people didn’t have the complete story, and a recording of the events would have saved not only myself, but numerous people over the years from receiving punishment they should have never received. I understand that NAK fears legal repercussions, but it just doesn’t make sense. NAK is a third party, public forum, therefore immune to any sort of lawsuits filed over recording. I’ve heard that the main reason the rule is in place is to prevent things like wire tapping, but it’s nonsensical. TeamSpeak does not allow for such a thing, and even if there was a way to do that, any sort of program like that would be twarted by simply leaving the channel or disconnecting from the server. NAK is the only community I’ve ever been in that has issues with users recording Teamspeak. It’s completely pointless. It’s like preparing for rain on a cloudless day.

Rule #18 - No unapproved mods. It’s completely redundant considering you’re not even able to join the server with restricted mods. Judging from the forums, it’s supposed to be a rule against cheating, but it should be specified that you’re not allowed to use performance enhancing or external mods.

Zeus Rules for Players: ( )

Rule #2: - Play the role you have taken. This is never enforced, at all. In the ungodly amount of hours I’ve been playing Zeus, I have never ever seen any admin enforce this rule. It’s completely useless.

Rule #8 - Do not play as a one man army. I utterly despise this rule. It’s been interpreted as a “lone wolf” rule to try to prevent people from doing operations all on their own, but the way its enforced it completely bogus. Just being a little too far from the rest of your squad (more than 100-200m) is supposedly considered as lone wolfing and players get banned for it. The server tries to promote semi-realism with things like maintain comms discipline, yet running to stay alive is considered to a punishable offense by this rule because you’re just too far from your squad. A perfect example is what happened yesterday (7/12/21) to me. Mortars were coming in and rather than getting killed, I opted to run from the area to make sure I didn’t die. I ended up getting banned for 7 days because I was 153m from the rest of my squad. Other times, I’ve seen players be over 1 kilometer from the rest of their squad and receive nothing, not even a talking to. This rules varies wildly from admin to admin and it’s just not acceptable for a community the size of NAK. It also allowed for admins to ban people based on 0 context. They see someone split from their squad and its an immediate removal from the operation, even if they were given permission from their squad lead. Add in the no recording rule and players have 0 defense against this rule. This rule needs a specific definition of what lone wolfing or one-man armying is.

Implementing New Systems:Removal of Inactive Admins - When you apply for a position on the admin team, you are committing to a quasi volunteer job. As such, if you are inactive for an extended period of time, both in-game and on TeamSpeak, or sit in your “office” or the Staging Room on TeamSpeak all day without interacting with players, your admin position should be called for review, and possible removal with the option to reapply should you become more active. I won’t name names, but there are a lot of admins I’ve either never seen, or seen once. I’ve been around NAK a whole lot for the past couple of months and that level of inactivity is not acceptable for a community the size of NAK.

Periodical / Monthly Performance Reviews - Similar to a job performance, admins needs to be periodically shadowed to see how they’re preforming. By the time a misconduct report is filed, if it ever is to being with, it’s too late. Be more forward with your admin team. They’re supposed to be the faces of NAK, representing the community, yet they’re allowed to run wild until someone has the balls to post a misconduct report. Go undercover, act as a new or returning player and interact with them. Does it take time, yes, everything does but it makes the community a more enjoyable place to be and roots out those that apply for admin purely for the power. Again, I will not name names, but there are admins that do not fit all the qualifications listed on the Code of Conduct. You want people to donate and pay for the servers to keep running, yet you are reluctant to make the community a better place for those paying and potential paying individuals?

More Options:Use the Inactive Servers - Just having an inactive server sitting around (ex: Prairie Fire server) doing nothing is no conductive to the overall community. Set it up for something fun, like a 24/7 modded Zeus server. It removes the need for Volcano and other admins to test mods during a very rare Zeus event and satisfies players that don’t like the traditional vanilla Arma, which is plagued with powercreep issues. Also makes Zeus’ missions more enjoyable with a larger faction variety and their assets for Zeus’ to pick and choose from. Even something as simple as ACE, TFAR, CUP, RHS and 3CB is enough to satisfy.

Commit to More Modded Events - Players really like modded events, yet, they’re so incredibly infrequent and when they do happen, they last for around two weeks before they’re ended and don’t happen again for another four months. We don’t need a new map everytime we do a modded event, we just want the CUP maps and more unit availability. If you don’t have time to spend 15-20 minutes creating a simple base structure, and screening maps for bugs and issues, then you shouldn’t be in the position to do that or be an admin in the first place.

Something More to Do - Use one of those inactive servers to set up a 24/7 Antistasi, Liberation or Hearts and Minds server. Altis gets boring at 15 minutes due to the sheer repetitiveness. Every AO is basically the same, just in a different place. Tanoa rarely has more than 5 people on a time and suffers from the same issue as Altis, getting repetitive after 20-30 minutes.

Promote the Discord More - If Discord is supposed to be some sort of backup when TeamSpeak goes down, why is it not promoted more? Zeus’ struggle to gather enough players for their operations during the day and they can use a channel within the Discord server to better advertise their mission and their intentions. Also allows for people to reserve a time for an operation or get an admin’s attention if there is something wrong.

I have been writing a big text reply for the past 30mins and I lost it all and am very sad now :frowning:. I will reply shortly on each point now.

  • Arguing with an admin ends up badly for the player. mostly because the player rages and does not like what he is getting. that’s why we have the ban appeal section where the player can calm down, collect facts and present his case. a lot of admins follow and read the appeals even when it’s not for them. just to see how other admins are handling it. so it I fair always. when you know the admin is abusing power report a misconduct report and it will be handled by chiefs of staff. at this point, the chief of staff does not care what admin and what player it is, but only what the facts of the case are. and if you believe me, I promise that it has been always 100% fair.

  • Objactionble language is just asking for problems. yes we are 16+ but it should also mean that we are not looking for childish rages or comments when playing… we not only have players play with speakers at home, but players streaming a lot on our servers. I don’t understand how swearing can make the game more fun. most of the players just don’t like it.

  • Rule #17: We are talking about this rule internally and I will follow up on it to see if we can publish any changes about it.

Zeus rules:

  • Rule #8: I have seen your play style and you almost always just don’t listen to the commands from leads and squads and even do not reply most of the time, and at that point, you’re just doing your own thing in the mission. It is not what we are promoting here.

Implementing New Systems:

  • Removal of Inactive Admins: this system is and has been always active in our community and has been up to date for a long time. we have tools that monitor admins and what they do and also have time periods if the admin is not active for that long, he is notified and removed.

More Options:

  • Use the Inactive Servers: I was also pushing this same idea but when I moved to develop mission files and took the Zeus server under my wing, I saw the effect. running another server on the same box will take performance from the other servers on that box. so it always comes at a cost and not 100% free.

  • Commit to More Modded Events: this is on me… I have been busy IRL for the past 2 months and I’m just coming back to do what I can do while adjusting to a new life… I love modded events my self and I am trying to get more admins to help me with it so it’s not only me and everyone waiting for me. I have to see when it works for me to be available to develop and keep an eye on the server when there is an event.

  • Something More to Do: goes back to the "use the inactive servers…

in the end, I want to add the following:
NAK is a legal entity and will always try to keep away from problems…
Admins are not allowed to be above the rules and we do not cover for each other if we think an admin is doing something he shouldn’t. never did. never will.
NAK has its own rules and by joining a server, you agree to them.
NAK has been around for a long time and has protocols to follow when something happens. it never has been about the admins and giving them power. its always about the player and shield them from the other bad players to keep it fun and clean for the rest.

There is a lot more I can talk about but I have been staring at this page for way too long and I’m starting to lose my head so I will end it here :smiley:
This is only my own view. It is a discussion after all and we love to see your feedback.

I’m not asking for the childish rants where every other word has is some sort of swear word, but I’m asking for leniency when it comes to swearing. It’s not that it makes the game more or less fun, it’s a way to express yourself - such as frustrations - with words instead of actions. People swear all the time, it’s just a fact of life. Those young kids will learn to swear, whether the parents like it or not. You’re playing a military simulator without headphones on, shooting up other people, yet you’re concerned about someone else’s language? You’re playing the wrong game if you want PG language. Obviously excessive swearing should not be allowed, I don’t want to hear every other word out of your mouth as some sort of swear, but being so strict on swearing just creates unnecessary animosity between players and admins.

Firstly, this isn’t just about my playstyle. This is more so about how the rule is stated and how it is enforced and used my experience with it to make an opinion on it. I don’t operate as a one-man army or prefer to act on my own as the definition of lone wolfing states. I like to move from the best piece of cover to the best piece of cover and flank the enemy so that we have converging angles of fire. I play based on the kit I’ve set up. Snipers / Marksmen are not suited for room-to-room clearing, so I’ll hang back and try to find a position that works for the rifle I’ve taken. That is not lone wolfing or act as a one-man army, that is providing support to the rest of your fire team by covering the outside of the building while they are moving inside. Whether or not I have someone else with me, is not my decision to make. Being someone’s spotter for 30 minutes is incredibly boring, especially if you’re not equipped for it. I’ve never “done my own thing” in a mission. I put my own twist on a order, such as moving from Point A to Point B on foot because its too unsafe to have everyone crammed like a pack of sardines to an objective we have no intel on. As for not listening and not responding, not everything needs an “roger that”. Something as simple as creating a base of fire just needs to be done, not be followed up on with a “yes sir”. It creates unnecessary comms chatter, which is against the rules last I checked. Just do the order and worry later about responding. “Actions speak louder than words”
I choose to highlight my most recent ban, because I believe it 100% conveys the issue with the rule. An admin that was not in my squad, banned me from the server because he deemed I was too far away from my squad. Seems pretty clear to those that have no context. The reason I was so far away from my squad was because there were accurate mortars raining in on our previous position so I scattered from the area. I happened to be split up from the rest of my squad and was killed by those exact mortars (as was half the entire playerbase when a mortar hit a vehicle) and waited to see if someone would come to revive me. I waited 30s to see what was happening before force respawning. If you want to promote realism, then you have to understand that getting downed every 20s because you’re being forced to stick your head up your SLs butt is not very fun, nor is it realistic. Players should 100% be able to move around freely to the best piece of cover they can find that also gives them angles on enemy targets. I’ve never been farther away than 500m from my squad, almost ever. The few exceptions there are were based on my kit or I was AFK at the time. Context matters as does asking the right questions. Post ban, Alex asked some questions regarding my positioning, but he asked the wrong questions. Nobody explicitly said to move to that position, but the command was given to run from the mortars. No particular direction was given, so I choose to run in the direction that would not only get me further from where the mortars were landing, but closer to where they were being launched from. Being 200m from the rest of your squad is anything but lone wolfing or one-man armying anything. If I ran in, guns blazing, that is. I’ve never done that.
The issue I have with the rule is how its worded. If you don’t want people to get more than 200m from the rest of their squad, then write it down in that exact wording. Saying “no one man army” apparently means something very different to you then it does to me. If you’re going to be creating rules that people have to abide by, then don’t be vague with them. Time has shown that admin discretion is not the best option when it comes to banning people.

Nothing in the world is free, everything has its costs. Those servers, such as PF, were up at one point and I’ve heard nothing about having to downsize or shut servers down while it was up for that month. If the bill at the end of the months has to increase, so be it. I’ve seen that donating goal surpass 100% before, and people will feel more inclined to donate if there are more things to do. Altis is the only server that has a consistent 10 player+ playerbase, but I and loads of others are in no hurry to keep that server running with our money because its boring. Run a 24/7 Liberation or Hearts and Minds server for a month and see what happens. If ends aren’t met, then the server can be taken down. There is nothing wrong in trying.

I accidentally click submit - somehow - before I was finished making the rest of that post.

There is nothing wrong with being busy. Everyone is busy at one point or another in their lives. I don’t have an issue with you being busy, that is perfectly acceptable. The issue I have is that it seems like you’re the only one that is actually doing any sort of screening and testing. The admin team is not small, why are you the only one doing the screening and whatnot? If you need more people, there are plenty of veteran players that will gladly come in and help with anything that may need to be tested, all while not costing a dime. There are other people that can run things like Antistasi while you’re not around, yet nobody can do it because they’re not allowed for some reason or another.

I understand that NAK wants to avoid any sort of legal repercussions and whatnot, but its rather unhealthy to go day by day and expecting someone to come with a lawsuit and slap it down on the desk. If you want NAK to grow and flourish, there needs to be a sense of inclusivity and having all these needless rules and being strict about it is just mind numbingly stupid.
As for what you said about recording, I’ve heard that same excuse back in 2019 and I’ve seen it go nowhere in those two years. Yes, I understand it’s a complicated matter, but when you’re uptight about things and don’t let the community know exactly what’s going on, then we might as well consider it not happening at all. Show up proof that there have been recent talks about editing or removing the rule, instead of us just having to take your word for it. I’m gonna be honest here chief, your word on that rule is worth nothing to me unless it’s shown that something is actually being done about it.

Rule #9:

An admin cannot break this rule. Admins and NAK Elite do not have to be in a pilot’s slot in order to pilot, and shouldn’t be in a pilot slot, either. This rule is to protect pilot slots as they are a limited resource.

Rule #10:

This rule is hardly ever enforced. It’s when a player is overly aggressive with an admin. Admins are volunteers, we are not expected to take abuse just because we enforced a rule. Players should know why they were kicked or banned, and we will explain it to them if we can. However some players go beyond simply asking why they were kicked or banned.

Rule #11:

The rule is not solely there for better communication, that’s a byproduct. The rule is there in case an admin needs to speak with you. Pilots have an awesome influence over the server as a whole, and there are rules specifically for them.

Rule #14:

You’re allowed to swear, you’re not allowed to swear excessively. You’re also not allowed to talk about sex, politics, or inflammatory social issues or topics. The rule has to be a bit vague, because players will find a way to talk about something that is just outside the jurisdiction of the rule. It states on the rule:

We understand that we play an age-restricted game, but we choose not to have this type of language in our community.

Side note: If you have evidence of an admin deliberately trying to make your ban as long as possible file a misconduct report.

Rule #17:

I’m not a legal expert so I can’t speak to the legality of anything, however I will say this, this rule is not intended to prevent players from gathering evidence of wrongdoing.

Rule #18:

You used to be able to load up with unapproved mods if a mod hasn’t been actively restricted you could load up with it. This was changed but the rule is still necessary in case someone finds a way around. It’s better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it.

Zeus rules:

Rule #2: This is for Team members, Team leaders, and Squad leaders. A Team lead who doesn’t give any orders, or a Team member who refuses to follow them.

Rule #8:

I won’t speak on the specifics of your ban. A few questions to ask yourself:

If you’re a Team member:

Am I more than 100m from my Team lead? If yes, do I have permission from my Team lead to be over 100m from them? If I got separated, have I told my Team lead that I will regroup at my earliest possible convenience?

If you’re the Team lead:

Am I more than 100m from my team? If yes, did I tell them what I was doing and made sure they understood? Do I have a 2ic I could temporarily pass leadership to?

Additionally, every time you load up on the server a big pop up comes up with all the rules. You have to click accept. Every time you load up you literally have to accept the rules. Ask anyone on TS, even those veteran players you talk about, and most, if not all, will say that NAK is simply the best server to play on. Part of this is because we don’t tolerate players who ruin other players play time.

Meek you have almost 400 hours on our servers and you already have 5 bans and numerous notes on your profile. The simple fact is you don’t care about the rules that we have in place and that have been in place (for YEARS and refined for YEARS) if they don’t fit your style. You have specifically told me and others that you will break the rules if they don’t fit with your style in so many words.
There are some of us with thousands of hours just on NAK without a single negative note. With even more hours amongst admins, we have established and refined the rules that we have today.

Simply put we have a certain playstyle that we promote on our servers and you seem incapable of adhering to the rules. I will grant that your playstyle is better suited for our altis and tanoa servers but I feel the only reason you are posting this is that, once again, you are banned.

I am all for discussion but wasting administrative resources to fit your playstyle is not acceptable.

Rule #9 - Players in the pilot role should never be on the ground. NAK Elite and NAK Command should not use aircraft as their own personal aircraft and then fight on the ground. They should be either on the ground or in the air. Use the forums to file misconduct reports instead of vaguely saying all the admin staff are bad and never follow their own rules.
Rule #10 - Arguing in game or at the time with administration is never the way to go. If you have a problem with a ban there are forums in place. Sometimes talking it out works but frankly you are very argumentative yourself.
Rule #11 - How we run our servers is our business. NAK Elite and NAK Command are exemptions since they do not take up pilot slots and have “earned” a right to pilot without having to be on TeamSpeak.
Rule #14 - If we had to get specific on this rule I would estimate it would be several hundred pages long. It is up to the admins’ discretion as to what they consider objectionable. I understand it is a 16+ game but just because you say swear words it doesn’t make you an adult.
Rule #17 - Established due to wording of FCC guidelines and TeamSpeak is an entity that falls under those. We will not be liable for legal damages because you want a fancy stream. We have a guide to separate in-game and TeamSpeak comms.
Rule #18 - We have an approved mods list. Anything outside of that list is considered restricted. This rule was expanded to encompass cheating and hacking. This is how we run our servers.

Zeus - Lonewolfing. You do this all the time. You have separated from squads you are a part of to do your own thing. You have run away with launchers to blow up technicals and in that instance you were told only to engage using small arms. You had to be told multiple times not to use your launcher and return to your squad and you still didn’t return to your squad so you received punishment. You have also said that you will fire back at any targets despite orders not to engage at all. In your words, I will fire back no matter what orders I receive from anyone.

This is not a job. We are volunteers. We have real lives and real crap going on in them. These are also not your servers. As VileAce has put it before: This is not a democracy. In fact, this is a complete despotism. Feedback is welcome but assuming otherwise is wrong.

Discord has been discussed over and over. It is not a primary method of communication, it is a backup. TeamSpeak remains our program of choice due to TFAR and the fact that we own our server and what goes on in it and many other reasons.

If I didn’t care for the rules, I wouldn’t be here right now asking for them to be changed. I’d be permanently banned and enjoying my time with another community that might not have these same issues. The only reason I’m even wasting the time to make these sort of posts is to promote discussion and have people ask themselves if some of these rules are truly necessary and using my own experience to provide them with an insight on some of the stuff I’ve been having to deal with. I’m not the only one that has taken exception to alot of these rules, and I’m certainly not the only one that has been voicing their opinions on them, but it seems like you’re saying my opinion should be disregarded because I’ve been banned. If people don’t have as many notes and bans as I do, good for them, but I’m 100% positive there are plenty of people that have more of both and are still here, and yes, I am posting this because I’ve been banned again, but that doesn’t change anything. Ever heard of the term “final straw”? I’m tired of putting with such extreme inconsistencies, so I decided to voice my opinion on the one place where all the admins are at and can most effectively reach out to the higher ups of the community.

I’ve never said anything about wasting resources to fit my playstyle, quite the opposite. I’m trying to get a discussion going on how many resources are wasted trying to conform everybody to a single playstyle rather than letting people have fun at their own pace.

You literally come at every point I made with a close, single minded or just a plain wrong perspective.

Rule #9 - I’m not saying people should have their own personal aircraft, and never once did I mention it within my post criticizing the rule. I said that people should be able to be on the ground and helping their fellow pilots by removing the AA platforms when their jet was taken out or there are no aircraft available for them to fly. Having someone sit in front of the sign for 10 minutes+, waiting for their jet to respawn is not very productive to the overall effort of the team. Obviously nobody should have their own personal aircraft.
Rule #10 - You came at this point in the exact way I’m asking for limits on. I’m not asking for admins to let people rip on them for 20 minutes before letting them go, I’m asking for admins to take someone’s point and then going from there. Already you’ve proven to me that you cannot take criticism because you’re advocating for me to just be ignored due to the fact that I’m banned and have been banned.
Rule #11 - You’re right, how you run your servers is your business, but if my money is going to be paying for your to run your servers, then it’s my business. If you want people to donate, then add some damn transparency and quit being uptight about everything. Just because you’ve been arbitrarily picked to be a NAK Command or a NAK Elite doesn’t mean anything to me. All I see is something that is too lazy to want to talk to everyone else and actually communicate, as is the job of a pilot, and just wants to disregard everyone will doing their own thing.
Rule #14 - The rule wouldn’t even be a single sentence longer. Literally all you have to do to satisfy what I’m asking, is to add the word “excessive” to it. I’m not asking for particular words to be disallowed or particular scenarios to be listed, I don’t give a flying f*** about that. I’m asking for more leniency when it comes to swearing.
Rule #17 - Then what are the exact FCC guidelines that say recording is illegal and NAK is on the hook for liability? I don’t even stream in the first place, so that doesn’t bother me one bit, but if I’m going to be banned because someone doesn’t have the correct context and can’t get the correct context because some stupid rule prevents me from recording or posting recordings of correct context, then I’m going to take exception to that rule.

Zeus - Lonewolfing. Yes, of course I engage technicals with launchers. What’s the quickest way of removing a vehicle-bourne threat? Remove the vehicle. Killing the driver or the gunner doesn’t do a damn thing if the vehicle is wired with explosives. Considering mods like Vile Equalizer exists and that enemies drops AT, I have no problem wasting a rocket on a technical. I absolutely love that you don’t even realize the context of something that you’re trying to criticize me for.

You have also said that you will fire > back > at any targets despite orders not to engage at all. In your words, I will fire > back > no matter what orders I receive from anyone.

You see, the keyword in all of that is “back”. What that means is, we’ve already been spotted, there isn’t any point is holding fire. You want realism? Then why are you trying to promote unrealistic ideas? I’ve been talking with active duty soldiers, including some within this unit, and a lot of them laugh at you and this rule. You see, they’re allowed to defend themselves at any costs, even if it means violating any sort of ROE. Why is that not allowed here? Am I just supposed to eat the bullet every time I get shot at? No, I’m going to defend myself and fire back. This isn’t about me, stop trying to make it about me. This is me stating my opinion on a rule and using my experience to justify what I think about the rule. This is not me saying that I think my rules are better and they should be conformed to the way I think.

This is 100% a job. You’ve applied for it, been screened for it, been trained for it and are now actively doing it. What makes this not a job? The fact that you’re not getting paid? That doesn’t mean anything. There are plenty of unpaid jobs out there in the world, that still doesn’t mean that they are not jobs. If you call what you do around here “work”, then by definition, it is a job.

If feedback is automatically wrong, then feedback is not welcome.

Rule 18 is not redundant. Just because you are incapable of joining with unapproved mods, doesn’t mean everyone is incapable.

Also your definition of a job is incorrect, as under the same requirements applying for a membership of a sportclub would become a job.

I personally think you should review how you view NAK Squad and your demands on absurdity. NAK Squad is one guy paying out of his pocket for the servers, he coughs up every month the money for that bill. Donations (nobody is demanded to pay here) are a way to keep the servers alive, running and helping out with those monthly bills. They do not entitle to anything. For a non donating player to be demanding stuff in the way that you are, that requires a fulltime developer on a private server, is absurd to me.

Feedback has to be constructive and realistic if you want the guy on the other side to do something with it, which in this case, it’s not.

Personally I would recommend reconsidering this community for you, if you really struggle with all these aspects listed. I wouldn’t want anyone to be unhappy on NAak squad when it’s as easy to leave with a single click.