Refuel Hemtt to main airbase

We really could use a fuel hemtt in the vehicle spawn at the main airbase in the middle of the airfield.

Most players just abandon helicopters that have lost fuel and they often just sit there, unable to respawn, until the AO is done. If we had a fuel hemtt in a place other than just the molos airfield in the corner of the map then we could promote vehicle recovery instead of vehicle destruction or abandonment.

Really I don’t blame them. You can get someone to lift you a fuel hemtt 20km across the map (which could easily be shot down along the way), you can’t destroy it because server rules say that’s wasting assets, or you can leave it. It can easily take 20 minutes to recover an out of fuel chopper so I think we should at least try to give players a chance to try recoveries that instead only take 5 minutes to get a willing pilot and a closer fuel hemtt or fuel pod.

I might be misunderstanding what you are asking for. Is the intent to have a fuel truck that someone could drive or lift to the AO (or other locations) to refuel a vehicle?

If that is the case then the fuel pods are probably a better choice, so players do not drive off with the fuel truck and leave it where it is of no use. But maybe to encourage pilots to use the Taru, we could convert it to a mobile vehicle rearm,refuel,repair and a full arsenal for ground players. What do you think?

It sounds like he just wants a liftable fuel source added to the main airfield, so a heavy lift pilot doesn’t have to fly from main, to Molos, pick up a fuel supply, then fly that to a downed helo across the map on some AOs. Just have a fuel source placed in the middle airfield. Granted, I’m pretty sure Taru has a fuel pod on the large airbase? Could be wrong, though. If there’s not liftable fuel at the large central base, I’d personally add one each of fuel pod and truck, so on the off chance the other pilots are tied up, or the heavy lifts are in use/downed there’s a driveable backup supply, as well as if you run out of fuel somewhere near/on the base and don’t need to waste a pilot to life a tank 1-2km.

Yeah sorry I wasn’t clear.

I was definitely thinking of something to heavy lift out to a downed pilot who has managed to save his bird but has no fuel. If it’s anywhere near base or on the airfield we have the tow hemtts to get it to a bobcat but out in the field we need a way to recover birds.

That taru idea would be amazing. A way to keep vehicles in the action and to recover ground and air vehicles. On top of the arsenal for the ground troops.

There is a few ways to do fuel.

flexible fuel container, taru pod, huron pod, hemmitt fuel truck.

think if that lil container works that would be low impact also could make it so it goes empty too? wish resupply sources had a limit… honestly just sitting next to a arsenal firing rocket after rocket or mortar after mortar etc could be a perf hit on the server.

I like the idea of the fuel pods that can do rearm and repair for the Taru