Reinstate Heavy Lift of Cheetah Possible

Is this possible to have this feature back since the Cheetah is no longer on the Carrier anymore? Many players have requested this.




I was gonna ask till I seen the static defenses showed up @ main, but my guess is why its not still, is cuz its too OP.

We should have a usage timer on the hemmit ammo reloading too if possible. like 5min or something… not going to say more. :unamused:

The Cheetah was removed when we added the no shooting zone on the carrier because of the increase in team kills, mostly when pilots felt that someone was stealing their plane. Having the Cheetah on the carrier with the no shooting zone would be pointless.

There is a Cheetah at infantry HQ that can be used to protect air space over the carrier and the infantry HQ, it just has to be moved slightly north of its spawn location to be outside the no shooting zone. I have also submitted a request to add a Cheetah near rewards that could be used to protect both rotary and fixed wing, I have not looked to see if it has been added yet.