Removal of scoreboard on Zeus server

The zeus server seems to have been created to incorporate teamwork and fun.
Over the past few ops I have attended the scoreboard is always brought up at the end and then bickering ensues.
To encourage better teamwork I am making the suggestion to disable the scoreboard as it is not needed as if you are more interested in looking after the team the own personal score to complete a objective. :smiley:

I get it. It’s fun to melt the enemy down. And it’s alright to pound your chest in direct chat… but no one expects the medic to out “score” the SAW.

Before today I would have said, get rid of it… serves no purpose.

But today it did help diagnose a problem where one team was taking a LOT of contact and the others were a little lost as to what they were doing because of it. Not a big deal in the long run (the discussion sorted it out) but there was value to it.

So maybe limit it to PL or SL or… yeah I dunno.

TEXN here,

I always look at the scoreboard, as is helps me to check my performance. In my view, it should be used a general tool for an After Action Report (AAR). Many times with a SAW, I’m in the middle to low end of the board. Does this mean I am ineffective at my job?

I don’t recall ever mentioning the score in any aspect, regardless of where I “place”. I think SL’s and TL’s should review them, as it can provide a direct indication of weakness in the unit. I.E., lone wolfing, Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) cause, or inability to accomplish mission due to misapplication of forces.

I say keep it. If the scoreboard is brought up at the end and bickering ensues, an Admin would be justified to take action to maintain good order and discipline on the server.


Thanks Texn, this is a good point. The board isn’t the problem, the behavior that sometimes comes from mentioning it is. Fix the behavior, continue to use the board for what it’s good for.

There’s not always an admin or authority figure present to cool things down, so it’s on everyone to step up and keep order and discipline.

Lemme put on my chaplain’s beret and give this a whirl…

To everyone: Please be aware that bragging about your score might disrupt a debrief or communications as it may prompt excessive discussion, healthy or otherwise. I hope that everyone can use their best judgement when discussing the scoreboard during or after a mission.

(In my humble opinion & I am not an admin.)