Removed - Ban Appeal - Bad Idea Hat

Please use the temple below for your ban appeal.

  1. Bad Idea Hat
  2. 76561197982929319

  1. VileAce
  2. 9/7/2020 12:41pm EDT
  3. NAK#1 I&A Altis
  4. Suspect one of two issues; was driving a strider down to the boats to try and get a replacement mortar bipod for the one an enemy Kaijman had carelessly blown up on me, or 2) I was dressed as a Canadian soldier (Canadian 2035 mod), using Canadian equipment, and this could have been construed as cheating. I also had French 2035 and USMC 2035 mods, as well as US Navy 2035 mods loaded as well.

You need to check the mods you are using against the approved mods list - One of the mods you are using is not approved and is adding lots of errors to the server logs.

Check your mods against the approved list, then once all your mods are confirmed join TS and speak to an admin, we will remove the ban.

Uh, is it the part of the mod that turns destroyed buildings into Tim Hortons and destroyed FOBs into Canadian Tire?

I’ll just turn all my mods off until I figure out what happened.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt and remove the ban. If we see unapproved mods in the logs, then the ban will be reinstated without the benefit of appeal.