Removed - Ban Appeal - Havoc

Tried to login to the server today, been playing on your server regularly for over a year and a half, it says I have a 3 day ban, this is completely out of nowhere (to me), I have no idea what happened? I was playing last night, apparently I team killed someone?

  1. Exact in game name - Havoc
  2. Steam Community :: Havok
  3. Rule #3, 3d bank
  4. Golden - Last night I think October 18th later in evening
  5. No idea what this is from, I take this game seriously and would like to know what happened.

The ban was for intentional TK and disconnect. As you have been a regular player for some time and you have had no other issues, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and remove the ban. In the future if you happen to TK try to remember not to disconnect immediately.