Removed - Ban Appeal - Rule #13 - SwooceMane

  1. SwooceMane
  2. SteamID#: 76561198077599306
  3. Screenshot in the attached PNG, named ‘ohmy’.
  4. 11/29/21, between 8:30 and 9:30 PM PST. It was an automated kick/ban.
  5. NAK #1 Invade & Annex - Altis
  6. The server message given when I enter suggests I need a name change, but I was initially “kicked” last night after sending out obscene remarks via text at another player named ‘battl’ who was antagonizing me for an accident, all in violation of Rule #13. I will admit that my remarks were unnecessary, and I could’ve ignored the other player’s remarks, but I did not, so in turn, I apologize for the vulgarities spoken. It’d be greatly appreciated it if you would consider a potential appeal. If any staff feels otherwise, so be it.

Hello, SwooceMane, after reviewing your ban I will reduce it to time served. Please be cognizant of your communication in the future, and please review our rules: