Removed - Ban Appeals / Rule #11

Please use the temple below for your ban appeal.

    (Yes, we will know if you attempted to change your name, all aliases are bound to your steam account. Provide the name you were using when you were banned.)
  2. YOUR STEAMID 64: 76561198157388078
    Instructions to retrieve your SteamID 64
    Option 1
    Access your Steam Community Profile URL in any web browser
    At the end of the URL add ‘?xml=1’ without quotations and press Enter.
    The web page will change; search for ‘’ and copy the number immediately following.
    Option 2
  3. SCREENSHOT OF THE BAN MESSAGE OR THE TEXT OF THE MESSAGE DISPLAYED UPON ENTERING THE SERVER: Banned rule #11 for perm - expires perm. by G0lden. All pilot,))
  4. NAME OF THE ADMIN: G0lden
    (Appears in the ban message)
  6. THE SERVER YOU WERE ON WHEN YOU WERE BANNED:i don’t know. i got asked to copout. doesn’t answer
  7. ANY EXPLANATION OR JUSTIFICATION FOR WHY THE BAN SHOULD BE LIFTED: long time ago; i have some problems on my teamspeak. I realy enjoy this pilot job. and i took my punishment. i have teamspeak profile and i have all of the requirements (some headphone, internet connection)

The ban is being lifted under the following conditions, as the original ban was intended on being permanent. Any violation of Rule 11 will be an instant ban, with no consideration for appeal. In part, that means you will need to be in the correct TeamSpeak (TS) channel PRIOR to selecting the Vortex/ATC/UAV role, and remain throughout your duration in that role. If your TS stops working, you will need to immediately disconnect from that role or immediately leave the server. Any lapse in time where this does not happen will be considered a violation. All other rules and expectation will need to be followed as they are by any other player.

Please acknowledge for ban to be removed.

I agree. Thanks.

Ban removed